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Our family saw clearly that thanks to his wife's peculiar curiosity, he had been spared a catastrophe. This is not so much due to the wit of the fan pavilion as to be purely lucky. Why are there fourteen uses for this pair of scissors? The voice of the hostess did not fall, Fan Tingj

No wonder I don't know. So, how is he? "He's as sleepy as his sister-in-law, and he's sleeping soundly." "Oh, I don't like it!" "He was sleeping soundly when the Balkan's son came." Balkan: The God of fire and forging in Greek mythology. What is the Balkans? Balkan is a blacksmith. His son stole the cow. Because this boy is pulling the tail of the cow back, Hercules woke up, looking everywhere: "My cow, my cow," even if you can not find, it is impossible to find. Even if he followed the cow's hoof prints forward, the thief did not lead the cow forward, but pulled the cow backward! The blacksmith's son is too clever. Fan Ting had forgotten the heat of the day and said: "How are you, brother Bitter Novice?"? Do you take a nap as usual? Siesta appears in Chinese poetry, which is quite romantic. However, it's a bit tacky to sleep step by step every day like Brother Kushami. I have nothing to do every day, and sometimes I feel like a dead man. Would you please wake him up, madam? The hostess felt the same way at this urging, and said: "Yes,Magnesium Sulphate producer, that's not fair.". If nothing else, I'm afraid I'll ruin my body. He's just had dinner. Just as the hostess was about to leave, Fan Ting said: "Sister-in-law!"! When it comes to eating, I haven't eaten yet! Fan Ting's face was neither red nor white, and he answered without asking. Oh, it's time for lunch. How could I forget it. "Well,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, there's nothing good to eat, so why don't you have some tea and rice?" "No, if it's tea and rice, don't eat it." "Well, there's nothing delicious for you anyway!" The hostess's words were prickly. Fan Ting was suddenly enlightened: "No, rice in tea or boiled water is free.". I ordered some food from the restaurant on the way just now. Let's enjoy it here. That's what I said! A layman can't do it. The hostess only gave a cry. This "ah" has all the meanings of surprise, unhappiness and thankfulness for avoiding trouble. However, because of the excessive noise, the host's sleepiness seemed to be swept away. At some point he staggered out of the study. You are always so noisy. It's not easy to get a good sleep, but. Said the master with a mournful face, yawning. Oh, are you awake? Break the long-cherished dream, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,caustic calcined magnesite, very unworthy! However, once in a while, it is still possible! Hey, sit down. Such pleasantries make it difficult to distinguish between host and guest. The host sat down silently, drew out a "Asahi" brand cigarette from the cigarette case made of various materials, and began to smoke. Suddenly he looked at the straw hat that had rolled down on the opposite side of the pavilion and said: "You bought a hat?" Fan Ting immediately raised the straw hat in front of the host and hostess, showing off the tunnel: "How is it?" "Ah, beautiful!"! The lattice is very thin, how soft! The hostess rubbed it again and again. Sister-in-law! This hat is a treasure bag! What you call it, it will be. Fan Ting clenched his fist and hit the side of the Panama hat with a snap. Sure enough, the straw hat obeyed the decree and deflated such a big place as the fist. Oh The hostess gave a cry of surprise. It was too late to speak, and then, Fan Ting put his fist into the helmet again, punched hard, and the helmet bulged again. Then he squeezed the brim of his hat on both sides with both hands and squashed it hard. The squashed straw hat was as smooth as a buckwheat cake pressed with a rolling pin. And rolled it round and round from one end like a rolling mat. Look, that's it. With these words, he put the rolled straw hat into his arms. The hostess seemed to see the magic of "Gui Tian Zhai" and said with a sigh, "It's amazing!" (1) Masaichi of "Gui Tian Zhai": His birth and death are unknown. He is said to be the founder of performing Western magic in Japan. Fan Ting also pretended to put on an act and took out the straw hat stuffed into his arms from his right sleeve from his left cuff. Nothing is broken. With these words, he restored the straw hat to its original state, put his two thumbs against the helmet, and let the straw hat spin. Do you think he's finished? No. For the last time, he threw his straw hat behind him with a bang and sat down on it. Hello! Is everything all right? Even the master looked uneasy. Needless to say, the hostess warned him worriedly: "It's very easy to buy a strange hat, and if you break it, it's great!"! I think you'd better quit while you're ahead! It was the owner of the straw hat who was overjoyed. You know, just because it won't break, it's amazing! With these words, he pulled the straw hat out from under his buttocks and put it on his head without tidying up. It was amazing that the straw hat should be restored to its original state at once. That's a strong hat. What's wrong The hostess admired it more and more. Oh, nothing, it is such a kind of hat! Fan Ting put on his hat and answered the hostess. How nice of you to buy a hat like that! After a while, the hostess advised her husband. But doesn't Brother Kushami have a beautiful straw hat? "But listen, the child crushed it the other day." "Oh, oh, that's a pity!" "That's why I want to buy another strong hat like yours." The hostess did not know the price of the Panama hat and repeatedly advised her husband: "Buy it like this!"! Uh? Hello Next, Fan Ting took out a red box from his right sleeve, which contained a pair of scissors, and showed it to the hostess. Sister-in-law, that's all for the straw hat. Please look at this pair of scissors. This is also a very valuable treasure, with fourteen uses! If this pair of scissors does not show up,Magnesium Sulphate price, the owner will be scolded by his wife for the Panama hat. Our family saw clearly that thanks to his wife's peculiar curiosity, he had been spared a catastrophe. This is not so much due to the wit of the fan pavilion as to be purely lucky. Why are there fourteen uses for this pair of scissors? The voice of the hostess did not fall, Fan Tingjun said proudly:. stargrace-magnesite.com