gps car tracker magnetic? Is there a signal in the basement?

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gps car tracker magnetic

gps car tracker magnetic mainly by intercepting satellite signals, calculate the satellite moving trajectory to get our vehicle position, distance, speed and so on.

So, does the gps car tracker magnetic field have a signal in the basement?

Wireless mobile signal is electromagnetic wave, the decay of various materials on electromagnetic wave is different, metal is the strongest, followed by concrete, followed by brick wall, and then the attenuation of glass wood is not obvious. The basement is blocked by thick soil close to concrete, so if the signal of the basement is relatively poor, some basements are far away from the base station, the basement will even have no signal directly, it is precisely because of this reason, the basement is generally covered separately. But a set of base station equipment is actually very expensive, in addition to some large basements, most basements, no base station equipment, no signal is very normal.

Therefore, the gps car tracker magnetic field in the basement naturally has no signal, and usually the device will not be able to play its role.

gps car tracker magnetic