Ten thousand of me [1v1, with CP, wear quickly]

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Xue Yan and Zhong Li were originally the man of the hour in Qingyan Gate. After all, there were almost no people with golden elixir in twenty years.

Xue Yan and Zhong Li were originally the man of the hour in Qingyan Gate. After all, there were almost no people with golden elixir in twenty years. Moreover, when they were still in the period of building the foundation, they successfully resisted the demon king of millions of troops in Sunset City. Of course, this is a misrepresentation, but they did become famous in the school. Now that they have won all the way in the Fairy Gate Competition, their voices are getting louder and louder, and they are saying that they are hopeful to win the championship. And Zhong Li, who has always been secluded and rarely known, has also gained the worship of a lot of elder and younger brothers and sisters, and compared with Xue Yan, everyone feels that Zhong Li has a better chance of winning the first place in the Fairy Gate. The next day's competition, four people are still all the way to win, Xue Yan and Zhong Li in the major sects also gradually have popularity, we found out that Xue Yan has been engaged with Qiu Yutian of Qionghua Iron Sword Gate, but Zhong Li is still single, then someone thought about it, thinking about letting his daughter's disciples, sisters and sisters walk more with Zhong Li in the future, maybe they can catch a golden tortoise. On the third day, there were only seven elixir practitioners left. They were Xue Yan and Zhong Li from Qingyan Gate, Qiu Yutian and Yao from Qionghua Iron Sword Gate, Chang Sun Yue and Cui Jun from Changyao Palace, and Zhang Xi from Yuxu Palace. Seven people draw lots,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, the result is: Xue Yan to Zhong Li, Qiu Yutian to Sun Yue, Cui Jun to Yao, Zhang Xi lucky single promotion. Xue Yan did not expect such a magical development as "accidentally met Zhong Li in the first game". She was confused at that time. She looked at Gu Baile in the audience. Gu Baile also looked confused. The two looked at each other. Xue Yan turned her head and looked at Zhong Li again. Without waiting for her to make a decision, Zhong Li said to her, "Elder Martial Sister, don't release water. Let's have a good competition." Zhong Li's eyes are very serious, and his eyes are full of awe-inspiring fighting spirit. Hearing what Zhong Li said, Xue Yan naturally could not help him,lycopene for skin, so she let go of her body and mind and fought with him with all her strength. Then Zhong Li went down with a black face and a limp leg, and was eliminated in seven to four. Seeing him like this, Sun Yue, who had already been bored by Zhong Li who was in the limelight, sneered and felt that this person was just lucky to win all the way before. At this time, Xue Yan did not know, because she defeated Zhong Li, so that Sun Yue felt that Zhong Li was strong outside but weak inside, and naturally she would not fall in love with Zhong Li. She accidentally dismantled a peach blossom from Zhong Li. Then the second one went to the ring, that is, Sun Yue and Qiu Yutian. Xue Yan was a little nervous about this, because Zhangsun Yue was also one of the female protagonists. Xue Yan was a little worried that Zhangsun Yue's aura would make Qiu Yutian lose the game. However, in fact, Qiu Yutian did not. Although he was slightly injured, he won the game smoothly. And Zhangsun Yue also praised him. He felt that he really deserved to be the chief disciple of the 16th generation of Qionghua Iron Sword Gate. Then Cui Jun and Yao. Cui Jun can compete with Zhong Li for the first place in the original novel, and his natural skill is extraordinary. Yao fought with him for two hours by virtue of his strong physique, but finally he was defeated by him and left the field with regret. There are only four people left: Xue Yan, jujube seed powder ,turmeric extract powder, Qiu Yutian, Cui Jun and Zhang Xi. After an hour of training, the four players drew lots again, and the order of the next round was: Xue Yan and Zhang Xi, Qiu Yutian and Cui Jun. Before going on stage, Xue Yan pulled Qiu Yutian's collar and kissed him. She said with a smile, "Come on!" Qiu Yutian raised his hand to touch her hair and said conceitedly, "Wait and see." When Cui Jun saw it, he grinned and said, "Oh, I didn't forget to kiss me before the game. Qiu Daoyou and Zhong Daoyou are so affectionate that they really envy others!" Qiu Yutian seemed to have a personal relationship with Cui Jun, and he had a good relationship. He said to Cui Jun with a smile in his eyes, "Are you jealous?"? You can find one, too. Oh, by the way, remember to give a big gift when you come to the grand ceremony. If you don't give it, you will be beaten out. "Tut," said Cui Jun sourly, "wait for me to get married." Two people bicker, but not angry, one after the other into the ring, the atmosphere is very harmonious. Zhang Xi on the other side is silent, cold tiptoe flying onto the ring, holding the shoulder to see Xue Yan step by step, slowly from the steps to the ring. When Xue Yan stood on the stage, Zhang Xi said to her coldly: "I watched your previous match, and you are very strong." Xue Yan smiled and said, "Thank you for your praise." Zhang Xi narrowed his eyes and said to Xue Yan, "But it's a pity that you have to stop here today." Xue Yan laughed as if she had heard a joke, then raised her hand to pull out the iron bar and stood on the stage, and the whole arena immediately shook like an earthquake-but Xue Yan's body did not move, and Zhang Xi on the opposite side did not move like a mountain. Xue Yan said to him with a smile, "Don't worry, for a while." Go on crying. With anger in his eyes, Zhang Xi felt insulted and raised his hand to take out a machete of six feet and two inches. He brandished a knife with ease, pointed at Xue Yan with the tip of the knife against the white light, and said in a deep voice, "Come and fight." Xue Yan chuckled and smashed it with an iron bar. On the other side, Cui Jun and Qiu Yutian, two swordsmen, were inseparable from each other. One of them was open and closed, and the other was elegant. Both of them happened to be the most skilled in water system magic. All kinds of magic between the two swords also went back and forth with each other. You were the water dragon and I was the ice wall, you were the ice pick and I was the waves falling from the sky. From time to time, there were other spells interspersed in the period. Both of them are very refined in the use of magic and play very well, which can be described as a performance without urine points. Xue Yan took time to look aside and found that Qiu Yutian, who should have been "easily solved by Zhong Li", was neck and neck with Cui Jun, who was "on a par with Zhong Li". Xue Yan smiled, showing a disapproving smile, then raised his hand to draw a law array, and pushed Zhang Xi into the array. Zhang Xi in the array felt as if he had been oppressed by the momentum of yuan Ying Friar. As soon as his knees were soft, he knelt on one knee on the ring. When he hit it down, he raised a piece of dust, and when the dust dispersed,pumpkin seed extract, he saw a cobweb-like crack where Zhang Xi's knees touched the ground. Xue Yan raised his hand and drew a few symbols, while Zhang Xi was suppressed by the gap, one after another hit him. prius-biotech.com