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Xie Hanxing smiled and said, "Mother, you heard me!"!

Xie Hanxing smiled and said, "Mother, you heard me!"! He decided for me! As Wang Feixia rubbed his hands, the company commander sighed, "Alas!"! I can't help it. Who would have thought they would have such a strong temper? They are really young people. But Xie Hanyun, with his shining eyes, exclaimed in a trance, "Brother Du's pride is a real man's heart. If he accepts the jade pendant and leaves, I will be disappointed with him.." Xie Naidong waved his hand and said, "What do children know? Don't talk nonsense. Go and ask your elder sister to prepare the Jinchuang medicine.." Xie Hanyun is indissoluble tunnel: "What to do?"? This is a life-and-death battle for them, and I don't think they need any Jinchuang medicine! Xie Naidong stared and said, "If I tell you to go.." Xie Hanyun pursed his lips and said, "No!"! I want to see the result of their competition here, and I believe that Big Brother Du will be better than Second Sister. Xie Naidong bulged his eyes and was about to have an attack, but Wang Feixia said, "The old slave has gone. Is it possible, madam.." Xie Naidong said in a low voice, "This son has a strong disposition. He is really a very suitable candidate. I should not have asked the star to test him. Now he is riding a tiger. It is impossible to stop them. I have to try my best to save the ground. It is inevitable to get hurt.." Wang Feixia felt a little relieved and said, "The old slave has read thousands of people before he fell in love with this one. He can't go wrong." Xie Naidong gave him a white look. Only then did Wang Feixia realize that he had talked too much. He bent his body and said, "Yes!"! Yes! The old slave is going! When he bent down to leave,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Du Qing and Xie Hanxing had once again resumed the state of frontal gaze. Because this was a fight for life, their attitudes were very dignified. Comparatively speaking, Du Qing was a little calm, while Xie Hanxing was slightly impetuous. He looked at each other coldly and said: "Du, just now I saw that your men haven't completely let go, so I'm embarrassed to use my killer." It's different now! Du Qing said lightly, "We have made it clear that Du died under the sword of the young lady. I only blame myself for not being good at learning. Please don't worry too much.." Xie Hanxing said with a sneer, "I'm not afraid of killing you,ultrasonic cutting machine, but I'm telling you that when I do it, you can do whatever you want. I don't believe you can escape the three swords unless you kill me before my three swords are fully used!" Du Qing said coldly, "Du's purpose of practicing swordsmanship is not to kill a woman. You don't have to greet her first." Xie Hanxing said angrily, "I'll give you a chance to live. You think I'm afraid of you. Even if I kill a bastard like you, I won't feel guilty." Then he carried the sword like the wind and thrust it straight up. Du Qing saw the shadow of the sword in his eyes. It seemed that every shadow of the sword was pointing at his own vital point. He felt a little shocked in his heart, but his expression became more and more calm. His body stood like a pine. He waited until the sword was forced by the muscle, and then suddenly came out and thrust it into the other side's heavy shadow. After the clanging of the blades, his clothes had been cut in several places by the sword, but the sword he had thrust had not changed at all! Xie Hanxing's sword gas, can only reach the place of his clothes, as long as the forward inch Xu, immediately cut the other side into pieces! But Du Qing's sword is too powerful, no matter which direction she advances, she is always under the threat of the other side. So after she finished the change of the first form, ultrasonic molten metal ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, she was forced to pull back and said with a cold smile, "Good sword form!"! "Your reputation as a beautiful swordsman is not undeserved." Du Qing is motionless, say lightly: "Ask a young lady to continue to enlighten." Xie Hanxing gritted his teeth and shook his wrist to send the second sword again. This time, the change was very simple. Only one sword slanted, and when it reached the other side, it was changed to a straight split. Du Qing's expression moved slightly, but he was very cautious about her sword. He pulled back his sword and pulled more than a dozen sword flowers. He wrapped his whole body in the wind and rain. It was not until the last sword flower that he touched the other side's sword blade with his sword. He used his strength to stick to Xie Hanxing's sword body to prevent her from falling down. To the sword hand in the sword, staring at the eye, will have a cup of tea, Xie Hanxing just burst out to shout: "Kill.." Du Qing let go of the sword in his hand at the right time, stepped back five or six steps, just to avoid a few biting sword wind, and then a vertical leg, pulled up Zhang Xu, caught the sword that was knocked into the air by Xie Hanxing, floated to the ground, followed by a few pieces of broken skirt. Xie Naidong has been looking on coldly, at this time also can not help but call out a good, Xie Hanxing that move should be unable to crack, but was Du Qing in the most ingenious way to crack. Du Qing's wonderful, wonderful is that he threw the sword, with the weight of his own sword to contain the change of Xie Hanxing's sword style, so that she had to force Du Qing's sword to fly before she could continue to move, that is, the delay of this moment made Du Qing retreat five or six steps, out of the danger of cutting at the waist. Although Xie Hanxing still cut a few pieces of his skirt, but Du Qing finally snatched back before the sword fell to the ground, in the rules of the sword, as long as the sword does not leave the hand, still can not be counted as losing, so this contact although there are good and bad points, but not enough to determine the outcome, at most he can only be counted as a slight disadvantage! When Xie Naidong waited for Du Qing to stand firm, he said with a gentle smile, "Since the founding of the three styles of Hun yuan of the Han family, Du Gongzi should be the first person to be able to block two moves in a row." But Xie Hanxing sneered and said, "Mother, it's not too late for you to say that after he has blocked the three swords." As soon as Du Qingjian raised his eyebrows, there was real anger in his eyes. He shouted, "Du has no enmity with your family, but the young lady seems to have to give Du the first sword before she feels happy.." Xie Hanxing said coldly, "Yes!"! That's what you said yourself. You said if you didn't beat me, you wouldn't leave here. Du Qing said angrily, "I didn't make such wild remarks before. It's because the young lady has been pressing me again and again. I can't bear it.." Xie Hanxing said coldly, "It's too late to reason now. I'll talk about it. If I don't kill you today, I'll cut off my head myself. Although I'm a woman,ultrasonic cutting machine, what I say is not cheaper than you, a big man. Anyway, one of us will die today.." 。 fycgsonic.com