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But the six old men were miserable and their faces were very ugly.

But the six old men were miserable and their faces were very ugly. They wanted to stop, but they had a feeling of sinking into the swamp. The more they struggled, the more they sank into it. It was hard to extricate themselves. Seeing this, the corners of Bu Qingyun's mouth rose, and then he looked down at the more than twenty people around him. His pupils suddenly contracted, and the breath of Nirvana suddenly went out, like a rainbow! When those people felt the breath, they could not help but take a step back, and some even had the intention of retreating. You No one's going anywhere. !” Bu Qingyun saw the thoughts of several people and said with a sneer that the laughter was unconsciously creepy. Even Chu Fei three people can not help but hit a shiver, at the same time turned to look. Bu Qingyun nodded and smiled at Chu Fei. With a wave of his big palm, he entrusted them to his back. At the same time, he said, "Look clearly. My move is good for breaking through Nirvana!" "Whew!" The night wind blew slowly. Touching the hair of the crowd. The more than twenty people around Buqingyun all felt that the wind was a dark wind, and that man.. It's the devil ! The eyes suddenly became strange and blood-red, and while his body was emitting a horrible smell, the black and red light came out like silk. Bu Qingyun looked at them, the corners of his mouth rose, and his body suddenly glowed with golden light, only to hear dozens or hundreds of rays of'brush brush 'rush out of him, and then form a Eight Diagrams array in the void. As soon as the Eight Diagrams Acupoint Array appears. All the people present felt like the pressure of Mount Tai,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, the internal organs were squeezed as if they were going to explode, and their own cultivation was also depressed to the limit! Everyone panicked and their eyes changed. Someone turned to run away, but it was too late to move. Some of the twenty or so monks were young and talented, but more of them were white-haired old men or middle-aged men. When their faces suddenly changed, Buqingyun had already moved! I saw Buqingyun turned into a string of shadows, hands as swords, wandering between the more than twenty people, each palm or a punch,water filling machine, will be accompanied by a tragic cry. You You can't kill me. ! Otherwise, the Holy Gate of Broken Soul will never forgive you! Shouted the man who broke the soul of Sanying. But as soon as the voice fell, his head rolled down and he stared ahead. Broken day saw hurriedly pull back, take out a spell from the bosom, want to use the power of this to leave. Bu Qingyun's eyes and hands were quick, and he went away at a high speed. His big palm was like a broadsword, and he suddenly chopped away. The remaining two women of Sanying came to the rescue one after another, regardless of their own safety. Obviously, the identity of this day is not simple! An old man who was struggling to escape from the Liuhe Fengshen Formation in the sky. "Step through the clouds!" He shouted! Come to me if you dare! Step Qingyun too lazy to pay attention to this person, this is really funny, he showed no mercy, hands up and down, the two women were cut off at the waist. Blood spattered everywhere. Duantian was splashed with blood all over his face and threw a spell in his hand. Tried to stop step by step, but who knows the other side is still back! "Bang!" There was an explosion, CSD filling line ,water filling machine, and the broken sky flew out directly. Instead, he was hit by the spell he threw out. He was badly hurt in the abdomen, and blood gushed out constantly. At the same time, the light flowed away. Step through the clouds! High in the sky, the Nirvana strong man of the Holy Gate of Broken Soul shouted loudly. He watched the broken sky fall from the cliff and grinned. Bu Qingyun looked up at him contemptuously and then said, "Don't worry, it will be your turn soon!" At this time, the more than twenty monks, men and women, young and old, died in a few breaths, so fast that many people did not see it clearly. Too.. It's too soon .. "Chu Fei exclaimed.". Ren yuan and He Wuhen opened their eyes wide, opened their mouths wide, looked at the man's back and the bodies everywhere, and could not help but gasp. In the jungle below the cliff, the monks were all tongue-tied, and after a long time, someone sent out a cry of surprise, and then it resounded thoroughly. "Step through the clouds!"! It's really a step up! "Awesome!"! Unbelievable! Bu Qingyun came to Chu Fei and asked, "Have you seen anything?" Chu Fei three people first shook their heads, then nodded, just step by step out of the mysterious metaphor of heaven and earth, they always feel that there is a deep meaning, but it is elusive, this feeling is not clear to think. A good feeling may help you improve your strength. Bu Qingyun said, just now he contained in the attack in the original understanding of the mystery of heaven and earth in the blood pool cave, at this time not stingy to teach them three people, and intentionally guide them. But some things need to be understood by oneself. It can only be said that Buqingyun brought them to the beginning of this road, how to go, how to start, depends on their personal ability. The Eight Diagrams Acupoint Array is still flashing in the night sky, like stars, with the manipulation of Buqingyun, the array goes high into the sky, and then envelops the six strong Nirvana who are suffering unspeakably. You You The Nirvana strong man of the Holy Gate of Broken Soul grinned his teeth. He was not only the son of the Lord of the Holy Gate of Broken Soul, but more importantly, his gift, the body of a fairy baby! How could he not be angry when he watched his genius being killed mercilessly? At this time, he was blowing his beard and staring. Bu Qingyun came to him with great interest and gave out two sneers of'Hei Hei ', which made the other side feel creepy. You can rest assured that it's your turn now. With that, Buqingyun punched round the past, containing the mystery of heaven and earth, the space that should have been broken and distorted, but at this time it was intact, but the power of this punch has doubled several times! "Bang!" There was a muffled sound,liquid bottle filling machine, and the bridge of the old man's nose was broken directly, blood spattered wildly, and he was stunned directly. Bu Qingyun chuckled and shouted to Chu Fei below: "Watch it!"! See how I beat the Nirvana strong! 。