World of Gods and Demons in Online Games

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"Mmm." Looking at the content of the item information,

"Mmm." Looking at the content of the item information, Yan Zhengyang felt a shock of the whole body, good task, ah, this task is good, it is a synthetic scroll that can infinitely upgrade equipment, but also weapons. Where can I find such a good thing. Thinking, Yan Zhengyang ran out of the village, just ran a few steps, thought of a problem, this wooden sword has one in his hand, the other can go to the store to buy, but where to get cork ah? Cork. Cork? By this time, Yan Zhengyang remembered that he had just learned a new skill? Isn't the new skill called cork gathering? In a hurry, Yan Zhengyang opened the skill bar, looked down, hey hey, "cork collection, magic maker's unique skills, magic maker can use the collection hand to collect cork directly from the tree." Haha, Yan Zhengyang likes two of the words, "unique" and "direct." Hey, Xiao Nuo, tell me, where is the cork? Yan Zhengyang turned to the game helper behind him and asked. Back to Zhengyang, there is a forest in the east of the insect. Go out from the east gate, walk northeast for a while, and cross a small hillside, where there is cork in the trees. The game helper flew gently with his hands behind his back and explained to Yan Zhengyang with a smile. All right, go pick cork. Got the exact location, Yan Zhengyang is also a meteor on the run, soon, out of the village. While running, Yan Zhengyang suddenly laughed and said to himself, "You say this game is really strange. What kind of collector?"? Collecting by hand is called collecting by hand? Then I still fight monsters. Is it called Daguai Shou? That Said,PET blowing machine, Yan Zhengyang thought of the disgusting place, immediately stopped thinking, "do not think, do not think, this is what to think." Out of the east gate of the village, run northeast, and then cross the hillside. While running, how did Yan Zhengyang feel that he was so familiar with the route? And when Yan Zhengyang saw the woods that the game helper told him, he stood directly in place, squinting 45 degrees to the game helper, "Hey, is this the place you're talking about?" Yan Zhengyang pointed to the woods with small ladybugs flying in front of him and asked the game helper angrily that he had returned to this sad place. Yes, Master Zhengyang. The cork is in the trees here, and the little ladybugs feed on it. The game helper ignored Yan Zhengyang's indignant expression and answered with a smile. PS: (for collection, recommended, fresh … … Flower Chapter 13: The Real Gathering Hand "You mean the little ladybug eats cork?"? So Yan Zhengyang said, will look around up, bottle blowing machine ,PET blow moulding machine, at this time in this small ladybug area has increased a lot of people, everyone is three or five groups to come, it seems that if according to the ordinary way, want to get cork, you have to rely on the small ladybug fall. (-) The way to get cork by killing ladybugs is too difficult for Yan Zhengyang. Fortunately, Yan Zhengyang has a way to get cork without killing ladybugs, that is, to collect cork by his own hand. The game is called collecting hand, ha ha. While laughing and thinking, Yan Zhengyang carefully looked around the trees. Bare, slippery, nothing, in the woods around a circle, Yan Zhengyang did not see a legendary cork, when Yan Zhengyang was depressed, next to a team came a man's surprise cry, "Ha ha, I got a cork!" Looking at the happy expression of the man, the other people in the team were all unhappy. Hey, game helper, how come there's no one here? Are they all eaten up by ladybugs? Yan Zhengyang complained to the game helper. Yes, there is a 100% chance of this happening! The game helper answered quickly. That.. Then let's go a little further. A sullen look at the lovely image of Xiao Nuo's game helper, although the design of this thing is humanized, but from the real humanization, it seems that there is still a distance. Continue to go inside, because the players have been scarce, Yan Zhengyang is also very careful, but he still remembers the scene of the small ladybug killing him in seconds, he does not want to take the free return now, Yan Zhengyang is thinking in a mess, suddenly in front of a tree there is something to attract Yan Zhengyang's eyes, this is a different color from the trees. The color is light brown, protruding from the tree branches, when Yan Zhengyang approached, above this thing, showed two words: cork. Ha, I finally found it. Yan Zhengyang muttered happily, just about to come forward to collect, suddenly a red thing climbed out from the side, slowly, came to the side of the cork, began to gently bite up the cork. Looking at the sudden appearance of small ladybugs eating cork, Yan Zhengyang that gas ah, this can do. Just when Yan Zhengyang was in a hurry, a figure quickly stepped over from Yan Zhengyang's side and said at the same time: "Cut, a first-level person still dares to come here to kill monsters. Hurry to kill your toothworm and upgrade it. Don't want to die here. This is not Switzerland." As he spoke, the man had already stabbed the little ladybug that was eating the cork. After stabbing the sword, the man quickly retreated and began to run back. "Flutter." When attacked, the little ladybug immediately put down the cork it was eating and flew to the man, and when Yan Zhengyang looked in the direction of the little ladybug chasing, four players were waiting on one side, and that man was attracting the ladybug in that direction. Alas, I have to pay a death tax even if I want to die in Switzerland now. I'm not that rich. Turning his head, Yan Zhengyang murmured softly that he was worried that no one would help him, so he led the little ladybug away. Although the man's words were evil, his deeds were still commendable. Thinking,Beverage packing machine, Yan Zhengyang stretched his hand to the cork on the tree, but something strange happened. When Yan Zhengyang wanted to take the cork off the tree, the system prompted: "Please use the collecting hand to pick it." 。