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The other three apparently reached a consensus very tacitly,

The other three apparently reached a consensus very tacitly, and no one paid attention to his claim. Light blue and elegant easily jumped back to a partition, and then two groups of people on both sides stood there quietly looking at him. Laugh at the world suddenly feel a lot of pressure, trembling to even the blank space are not exciting. Fortunately, I didn't fail to jump, otherwise I would have made a fool of myself. As soon as he stood firm, before he could move to make room, the pale blue and elegant behind him jumped twice, easily leaving him standing with the cold river moon and the night Walker, and he was very depressed. [Team] Pale Blue Elegant: How to kill? [Team] Nightcrawler: Is it a physical attack monster? [Team] Han Jiangyue'er: That Xiang Liu has a high level of damage. One of its heads can breathe fire. Its magic damage is OK. It only hurts my skin. Be careful at night. It doesn't attack actively,faux ficus tree, but it has a lot of negative States. I don't know if it has stolen the GM skill library without cooling. [Team] Pale Blue Elegant: Wait, which one is Xiang Liu and which one is floating? = = [Team] Nightcrawler: So let you go up and see first. [Team] Pale blue and elegant: = = You are uneasy and kind. [Team] Nightcrawler: I swear to God. [Team] Nightcrawler: I'm really upset. [Team] Light blue and elegant:.. [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: Anyway, we have to take it apart to kill. It's not fun to have the two of them together. [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: The floating is basically motionless. Xiangliu's patrol range is very wide. You can get here. Looks like we're gonna have to get to him first. [Team] Nightcrawler: How to dismantle it? There is only a little bit of land on it. I rushed out to attract the monster and attracted both of them. [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: I looked at it, and I can only stand here at most. Then, in order to make a gesture,silk ficus tree, Hanjiang Yueer jumped forward, which was the place where he died unfortunately just now. Because he did not go to the platform to attract monster hatred, so Xiangliu did not find him. When both of them saw it, he jumped back. [Team] Nightcrawler:.. So far. Little blue group skills to it? [Team] Pale Blue Elegant: No. The wizard probably can. [Team] Nightcrawler: Are your skills full? Can you lead to it? [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: I'm only at level 85, and I'm only at level 95. It's impossible to ride a deer, right? The laughing world originally saw that they discussed the tactics enthusiastically, and obediently did not interrupt. Now that he saw that he was suspected of having a place to play, large palm trees for sale ,faux ficus tree, he quickly made a sound of excitement. [Team] Laugh at the world: It's just to attract strange people, I'll do it! My skill has two screens, can reach! (Scattering flowers) Three people fell into a strange brief silence, and then at the same time brush brush brush three Tucao brush out. [Team] Nightcrawler: Forget it. [Team] Dan Lan Qingya: Do you think with the running speed of Xiang Liu, you can jump back before he gets there? [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: Do you think you can jump back with your jumping level? ***. These bastards. Three people continue to throw down the laughing world to discuss warmly. [Team] Nightcrawler: I can only use the bow. [Team] Pale Blue Elegant: Did you choose the bow? [Team] Nightcrawler:.. Don't you see the bright evil sword in my hand! [Team] Dan Lan Qingya: This is a rhetorical question. Thank you. [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: I'll do it. [Team] Dan Lan Qingya: Are you Kunlun? = = Are you strong enough to hold the bow? [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: I tried my best to add it. [Team] Light blue and elegant:.. [Team] Nightcrawler: Don't you have a dagger. You got a bow? [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: No, call the warehouse. The warehouse naturally refers to the profiteer who claims that "only you don't need to buy it without him". Speaking of him, Hanjiang Yueer just remembered that this fellow had just said to hang up and set up a stall, and did not know whether it was true or not. Holding the idea of treating a dead horse as a living horse, he shouted casually in the gang. [Gang] Han Jiang Yue'er: Drag, send me six fire-resistant rings and an 85 bow, high injury. [System] I sent you the "Jade Ring (Fire)" through the cloud messenger. [System] I sent you the "Jade Ring (Fire)" through the cloud messenger. [System] I sent you the "Jade Ring (Fire)" through the cloud messenger. [System] I sent you the "Jade Ring (Water)" through the cloud messenger. [System] I sent you the "Jade Ring (Fire)" through the cloud messenger. [System] I sent you the "Jade Ring (Fire)" through the cloud messenger. [System] Ye is dragging the messenger through the cloud to mail you the "Liuli Owl (Wu)". [Gang] Hanjiang Yueer: ***, this speed, he really didn't hang up! [Gang] Ye is drag: I am the little secretary of the artificial desk of the handsome host of drag. My host is hanging up. Please call 1 for buying things, call 2 for selling things, and call 3 for intermediary services. Complaints are not accepted. If you have something to do, don't leave a message and never reply. [Gang] Hanjiang Yueer: =. Really, little secretary, your master seems to have sent me a water-resistant ring. [System] I sent you the "Jade Ring (Fire)" through the cloud messenger. [Gang] Master is dragging: Remember to bring the water back to my master. It's valuable. Remember, remember, don't throw it away. [Gang] Hanjiang Yueer: The little secretary is very intelligent. [Gang] Master is drag: that is, that is, high-tech. Hanjiang Yueer was no longer poor with him. He gave one point to the ring and each person wore two. The fire resistance increased to 33%. Even the night Walker, who is born to be afraid of the law, will probably not be hurt by the fur of Xiangliu. The key point to deal with, as expected, is the speed and attack power of Xiangliu. [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: I'll bring back the light blue to the state first,fake ficus tree, and then you can move if the state is suitable for Ah Ye. [Team] Nightcrawler: Yeah. [Team] Pale Blue Elegant: En. [Team] Hanjiang Yueer: Are there any red ones? Take the medicine and carry it. When you can't carry it, jump back and change people. [Team] Light blue and elegant: OK. [Team] Nightcrawler: Anyway, watch while you fight. hacartificialtree.com