Cool Drag Rebirth: Ugly Third Lady

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However, Jin Shouzheng, who was still not feeling well, arched his hand with

However, Jin Shouzheng, who was still not feeling well, arched his hand with a smile that was uglier than crying and said, "It's really a blessing for me to live in the Golden Mansion. Please forgive me if I'm not well treated." After saying this, he even wanted to die, he never thought, like Xiao Yingtong such a son of heaven, will also come to honor, this let Jin Fu bear how glorious ah? It's just a pity. Today, his dress is really a failure. Chapter 115 a terrible wedding. As the saying goes, people are in high spirits when they are happy. Lord Jin's wonderful robe today not only makes Lord Jin look high-spirited, but also makes him look ten years younger. He deserves to be the protagonist today, and he attracted everyone's attention as soon as he appeared. It can be seen that Lord Jin has a master to help him. Xiao Yingtong shook his head and pretended to speak deeply, and his appreciative and admiring eyes made Jin Shouzheng, who had fallen to the bottom of the valley, almost jump up in ecstasy. He knew that he was not dressed properly today, and that he would be lucky if the guests did not laugh at him to his face. However, he never thought that as the head of the four big families, Xiao's son would praise him so much in front of everyone, and the joy of falling from the sky almost instantly dispelled all the sadness and self-restraint in his heart. At that moment, he stared at Xiao Yingtong with excitement on his face. His eyes were like torches. "Thank you for your kind words," he said. "Today, I must have a good drink with Xiao." Xiao Yingtong smiled harmlessly and nodded. "Everything is easy to say," he said nobly. Although Xiao Yingtong's words encouraged Jin Shouzheng, in the eyes of the masses, there were still some doubts. But think of, like him so insufferably arrogant family childe elder brother, can tut tut good, then others what can be stingy? In order to cater to the flattery of Xiao Yingtong,artificial grass panels, those who were not optimistic began to flatter Jin Shouzheng one after another: "Lord Jin, this dress is really good. It's novel and atmospheric. It's really suitable for you." "Yes, it's so ingenious that it's made by the best embroidery workshop in Kyoto." "Yes, yes, yes, Lord Kim, you're going to be in the limelight today." Listening to the endless voices of praise from the guests, Fu Yun and Lu Chongjiu, who were behind the crowd, could not help but slightly squint. Brother Lu, this Xiao family will also come to join in the fun, but also Xiao Yingtong, the second son of the Xiao family, is really unexpected. Fu Yun's words made Lu Chongjiu nod his chin in agreement. His dark eyes flashed a trace of doubt and he said, "Brother Fu, silk ficus tree ,large ficus tree, it is reasonable to say that the Xiao family is the head of the four big families. The people in the family always think highly of themselves. For many years, they have never dealt with outsiders, especially with court officials.". They are afraid that if they are together for a long time, they will be contaminated with the so-called vanity and corruption. Look at what Xiao Yingtong did just now, it's obvious that he intends to rescue Master Jin. "Brother Lu, to tell you the truth, I also want to go with you.". What makes me wonder is, what is there in the Kim family that attracts him? Besides, he and Master Jin had never heard of any friendship in the past. When Lu Chongjiu heard this, he smiled. "But I have to admit that he did Mr. Jin a big favor this time." "What is his purpose?" The fun has just begun. Let's continue to watch. Maybe we can see something. …… Xiao Yingtong put his hand behind his back and walked happily to Jin Xinian, whose clear eyes were full of childlike willfulness. How's it going, girl? "You are eloquent." "That's it?" He raised his eyebrows and his eyes were a little unwilling. So how are you? Jin Xinian glared at the other side discontentedly. But with a dejected look on his face, he said, "Don't you have any indication?" "It means that you can eat and drink as much as you like in the Golden Mansion today." "If my son has sent a gift, he will not be polite." "So don't be unhappy.". Come with me to pick up the bride. The time has been counted, and the bride is coming. Because Yang Yunfang is married to do the side room, so there is no need for Master Jin to personally carry the big sedan chair to the mother's home to greet people. At the auspicious time, the mother's side will send someone over. The bride? What's good about the bride? Xiao Yingtong is obviously not interested, ready to go to the guest room alone to rest for a while ah. Unexpectedly, Jin Xinian looked back and smiled at him: "Are you sure you want to miss the most wonderful part next?" Xiao Yingtong, who did not hear anything at first, was suddenly awakened by a hint from Jin Xinian's eyes. With an incredible look on his face, he opened his lips and said, "Girl, you're not going to do something strange again, are you?" "Come and see for yourself." No matter how much she said, she turned around and ran to the gate of the Golden Mansion. By this time, the sound of gongs and drums and firecrackers had been heard outside the door. Naughty children outside began to shout loudly: "Here comes the bride …" When Jin Shouzheng knew that Yang Yunfang had arrived, he immediately went to greet her with a smile on his face. In order to join in the fun, the guests also followed with a smile. At this time, a bright red sedan chair stopped in front of the door of the Golden Mansion. After receiving the red envelopes, several suona players next to them quietly retreated. Xi Niang, wearing a big red flower, came and said some auspicious words in front of Master Jin. After receiving a big red envelope, she lifted the curtain of the sedan chair and helped Yang Yunfang down. At the moment when Yang Yunfang stepped down from the door of the sedan chair, almost all the people present looked straight. She did not wear the traditional sense of the phoenix crown rosy clouds, she wore a simple and elegant pure fluffy gauze skirt like a white lotus flower, beautiful long hair coiled up behind her head, revealing a smooth and clean forehead, the beautiful white gauze draped behind her head, holy covered half of her face like a white orchid. The smile was written on her face, overflowing with contented pleasure. At this moment, she is holding a bunch of beautiful flowers, showing the spirit of the people, the sun falls on her body, her long eyelashes cover her eyes, she is as cold and noble as the goddess of the world, people dare not offend. Such a skirt, such makeup,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, is unheard of by all the people present, but wearing on that woman's body, there is a kind of indescribable beauty and nobility.