Yuzuru Hijikata (Crossing)

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Red clouds on a black background, is it Xiao? Is Xiao going to act now? Mistaken identity?

Red clouds on a black background, is it Xiao? Is Xiao going to act now? Mistaken identity? Is it really as simple as mistaken identity? It's really exciting to be with Xiao so soon. The militants in Yu Ruo's body were completely mobilized by the two mysterious members of Akatsuki. All right, hit the road! Qi, who had never spoken from the beginning to the end, suddenly said, but his eyes did not look at the place where the two men disappeared, but at Yu Ruo. Yu Ruo, who was immersed in his own thoughts, did not find the eyes with strange meanings. Meet the dawn again Apart from meeting Xiao, there was no accident along the way, and Yu Ruo's line of five people arrived at the land of earth so calmly, and the task was completed. As a result of non-stop travel, Yu Ruo they are tired, so Xuanjian decided to stay in the land of the earth for one night, and then leave the next morning. While it was still early, Yu Ruo decided to go out for a walk. Speaking of it, this was her first time out of Konoha. She had to have a good time. Yu Ruo wandered aimlessly in the street, feeling the noise of the crowd, listening to the cries of vendors, and the bargaining voice of customers, it is really a peaceful country. Yu Ruowei squinted to enjoy, suddenly she saw a touch of familiar red figure not far away, is love lotus. Do you want to go up and say hello? Yu Ruo remembered the experience of being entangled by her these days, or not. When Yu Ruo was about to turn around and leave, two figures appeared in front of Lianhe. Lianhe said a few words to them and left with them. Looking at this scene, Yu Ruo suddenly had a sense of foreboding in her heart, so she did not want to catch up. In fact, Yu Ruo is not a warm-hearted person,Planetary Gear Motor, it is reasonable to say that her task has been completed, the life and death of love lotus has nothing to do with her, but through these days of contact, Yu Ruo found that love lotus is very simple and lovely, although always entangled with Yu Ruo, but in fact Yu Ruo still likes her very much. And the two people who just talked to Lianhe, from the figure point of view, should be the two members of the dawn just met, can let the members of the dawn out, in addition to the human pillar Liyu if can not think of anything else. So, Yu Ruo followed the past, she did not want to let love lotus lose that innocent smile. Yu Ruo followed them to a clearing, and when she saw them stop, she immediately dodged behind a tree, intending to listen to what they said before deciding what to do. But after a long time there was no movement, Small Geared Motors ,24v Gear Motor, Yu Ruo just wanted to open his eyes to check, suddenly felt a cold edge, Yu Ruo slowly turned his head and saw a pair of scarlet eyes. Why are you following us? Uchiha Itachi, the owner of the scarlet eyes, said coldly. Eh? Isn't this one of the people I met just now? Look, her forehead guard should be Konoha's. Itachi, you met an old friend. Said the big man next to him, the dry persimmon ghost. Ah ha ha ~ is worthy of the S-class rebel, really awesome ah. Feathers smiled and raised their hands above their heads to surrender. She didn't want to fight them for the time being, and she wanted her life to say. "Answer my question." There was no trace of emotion in Itachi's voice, and the strength of the bitterness in his hands was even greater. Hey! Hey! Take it easy! Take it easy! Impulse is the devil! Impulse is the devil! Yu Ruo said with black lines on his head that if he tried a little harder, her life would be lost here. Haha ~ interesting little devil ~ "The ghost was amused by her words and laughed.". Holding back the impulse to roll his eyes, Yu Ruo said to the ghost, "I said, big brother over there, can you talk to your partner and ask him to keep Kuwu away from me a little bit, so I can't talk." After hearing this, the ghost laughed even louder: "Ha ha, it's really interesting." Itachi took Kuwu away a little and looked at Yu Ruo coldly, with a look of "If you don't say it again, I'll kill you." Hey, hey, I'm telling you. I just came to see what my client was doing when you brought him to this place. "Isn't your mission over?" "Er.." Do you know? Hei Hei ~ "Yu Ruo smiled awkwardly.". Suddenly a gust of wind hit the weasel and the silly love lotus standing aside, the weasel was forced to jump back a few steps, flashing the attack of the wind, while on the other hand, Yu Ruo had been holding the love lotus swept into his arms by the wind and flashed far away from them. What's wrong? She keeps her hands above her head, doesn't she? I didn't see her seal. The ghost's tone was full of doubts. A one-handed knot? Itachi asked Yu Ruo coldly. Yu Ruo smiled and looked at Itachi warily, but she didn't have the courage to look at Itachi's eyes. She didn't want to try the taste of moon reading. But Itachi is really right. She has been practicing one-handed printing recently, but the effect is not very good. Unexpectedly, when life and death are at stake, the effect of training is still reflected. What are you looking for Lianhe for? Yu Ruo is still smiling, but the murderous look on his body can no longer be concealed. This makes Itachi and the ghost are a little surprised, a 12-year-old Konoha's next endure, the body will have such a strong murderous look, it is simply too incredible. It's none of your business. And There seemed to be a little smile in Itachi's cold eyes. Smile? Can that iceberg face paralysis laugh? God, you're kidding me. Besides, he's not what you call a love lotus. He's a man. "Eh?" Yu Ruo looked at the child in his arms, although he looked like him, but he was really a man, not a love lotus ~ black line. "Why didn't you say so?" Yu Ruo became angry from embarrassment and roared at Itachi. Itachi didn't say anything, but the ghost in that compartment was already laughing so hard that he couldn't even breathe. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh you to death! Not daring to provoke the weasel, Yu Ruo had no choice but to vent his anger on the ghost. Since it's not love lotus, I'll go first if it's all right. With that, Yu Ruo put down the child in his arms and turned to go. You won't save him? Itachi's voice is still so cold, but this time if you listen carefully,Micro Gear Motor, you will hear doubts. I don't know him, so I have no obligation to save him. Yu Ruo shrugged his shoulders and said carelessly. Besides, she needs to die. She's not that fearless. Oh? But You still can't go. "Why?" Yu Ruo turned around and looked warily at the weasel not far away. ichgearmotor.com