Dead Light

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At first glance, the clown is no different from any other common clown,

At first glance, the clown is no different from any other common clown, the only unique feature is the tangled orange hair. But afterwards, Haggerty felt that the clown was different from those he often saw. The face was frighteningly white, and the painted smirk was as red as blood. The eyes sparkled with an evil silver light. Haggerty thought the clown probably wore contact lenses, otherwise his eyes would not be so white and terrible. The clown wore a baggy robe with big orange buttons and the white gloves of a cartoon character. "If you need help, Donne," the Joker said to Haggerty, "take a balloon." With these words, the clown handed over a handful of balloons in his hand. "They can float," said the clown. "We can float when you come down. Your friend will be floating soon. 12 "The clown called your name?" Officer Reeves asked impassively. He winked at Sergeant Harold. "Well," Haggerty said,Inflatable meltdown, bowing his head, "I can't forget the sound." 13 In the sheriff's office on the fifth floor of the police station, Sheriff Ridmacher and the prosecutor of Budirir are still questioning Christopher, 15. Erwin. "So you threw him down," Budirir asked Irwin. "You told him to go away,Inflatable outdoor park, didn't you?" "I didn't do it!" Irwin raised his head and shouted. He wiped his droopy hair from his eyes, stared at the two policemen, and pleaded eagerly. "When I saw them doing that, I wanted to pull Steve away, because I knew it would break that guy — the bridge was about 10 feet above the water.." It's 23 feet. Chief Riddermacher's men have already measured it. "But Steve seemed to have gone crazy," Irwin added. The two of them kept shouting, 'Go away! Fuck off Then he lifted the man up. Girton put his arms up, Steve put his legs up, and.. And then just.. 14 Seeing that he was about to throw Andran Manlon into the river, Inflatable water park on lake ,Inflatable outdoor park, Haggerty rushed at them, screaming desperately, "No!"! No! No Irwin pushed Haggerty out of the way. Haggerty fell to the ground on his back. Do you want to taste what it feels like to be thrown into the river? Erwin whispered to Haggerty, "Run!" They threw Andram off the bridge and heard the sound of splashing water. Let's go. Steve and Girton walked over to the car. Erwin went to the railing and looked down. He saw Haggerty first. Haggerty was climbing down the overgrown, garbage-strewn riverbank to rescue Andran. And then he saw the clown. The clown dragged Andram across the river, with Andram on one arm and a balloon in the other. Andran's whole body was dripping, coughing and moaning. The clown turned his head, and his silvery eyes shone with cold light. It grinned at Irwin, showing sharp fangs as big as lions. Then what Prosecutor Budirir went on to ask. He was tired of everything Erwin had said. This is a fairy tale that deceives children. And then I don't know what happened. Erwin answered. Steve came over, grabbed me, and pulled me back into the car. But I think the clown took a bite out of Andran's armpit. He looked up at the two officers again, a little unsure. I think that's what it does. Then he added, "It looks like it's going to eat Andran.". Trying to eat Andrew's heart. 15 After reading the transcript of Irwin's interrogation, Donne Haggerty categorically denied Irwin's statement. He said that the Joker had not dragged Andram across the river, at least not as Erwin had seen him, who had lost his mind as a bystander. Haggerty said he only saw the clown standing on the other side of the river with Andrea's wet body on his arm. Andran's right hand hung stiffly behind the clown's head. The clown's face was indeed hidden under Andrea's armpit, but he wasn't biting; he was smiling. The Joker's arm gave a sudden thrust, and Haggerty heard his ribs crack. Andran was screaming in pain. "Come float away with us, Dorn." The voice of the clown came from the laughing, blood-red mouth. He pointed under the bridge with his finger. There are many balloons floating under the bridge-not just a dozen, but hundreds of balloons, red, blue, green and yellow, each with the words "I?"? Delhi. 16 "It sounds like there are balloons." Officer Reeves said, winking at Officer Gardner again. I can't forget the sound. Haggerty repeated the words, his voice drooping. Did you see the balloons with your own eyes? Officer Gardner asked Haggerty. Haggerty slowly raised his hands to his eyes. Those balloons are as clear as I can see my fingers now. There are hundreds of them. You can barely see the inside of the bridge-there are just too many balloons. The balloons floated up and down. At the same time, there is a ridiculous "squeaking" sound, which is the sound made by the friction of balloons. And then there are the white strings that tie the balloons, which are interwoven and suspended in the air like spider webs. That clown took Andran under the bridge. I can see its feet through the big white net. Andran coughed horribly. I ran after him.. The clown turned his head sharply. When I saw its eyes,Inflatable water obstacle course, I understood who it was. "Who is it?" Officer Gardner asked softly. "It's Delhi," Donne Haggerty replied. "It's Delhi." "And then what did you do?" Officer Reeves asked. I ran away! Damn it, stupid pig! Haggerty wailed. 17。