Half a spring breeze

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Because of the calculation of Ye Chaofei side of the hands left,

Because of the calculation of Ye Chaofei side of the hands left, but also full of wounded and defeated, the first group of officers and soldiers broke in very fierce, easy to break open the door is a random arrow, but no one fought back. They immediately came in, but as soon as they stepped into the yard, they felt that their feet were slippery and fell down involuntarily. Here is the cabinet, the door is narrow, the people behind can not see the front, the soldiers all swarmed in to take the lead, immediately people trip, people press, people trample, people roll, a wail. Nie Qingcheng's peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly, pursed his lips and waved! The guards ambushed in every corner of the Winter Warm Pavilion immediately shot the group of soldiers who could not stand up on the spot in the future. Hot blood flew into the gray sky and fell down on the ground. A cold wind blew through, and soon formed a thin layer of scarlet ice. The snow-white ground in the yard was like a large group of eerie red flowers, ferocious and bright. The second group of intruders were much more cautious. They protected their bodies with shields and stepped on the corpses of the previous group of soldiers, but as soon as they left the corpses and stepped on the ground, they would fall unsteadily and then slaughter again. Nie Qingcheng ordered people to sprinkle water on the snow-covered ground in advance. It was the middle of winter, and the cold wind was particularly cold. The ground in the yard had already formed a large flat ice surface, like a slippery mirror. What's more, he ordered people to pour extra oil on the door, which could not allow their feet to touch the ground at all. There are more bodies. However,Inflatable mechanical bull, the accumulation of corpses also covered the oily ice. Nie Qingcheng's available grease is not much, it is impossible, and there is no time to drench the whole yard. It took a long time for the third group to come in. This time, instead of entering through the main entrance, they hooked the top of the courtyard wall with a hook rope and turned over from outside the courtyard wall of the Winter Warm Pavilion, so that the attack could no longer gather at one point. Nie Qingcheng made a gesture, everyone can see clearly, stop the string in hand, an arrow has not been fired-the enemy is outnumbered,inflatable castle with slide, one arrow will be less, must not be wasted. The third group of intruders carefully climbed down the courtyard wall, but they were not ambushed at all. They were surprised and uncertain, happy and worried. Is it possible that the other side's arrow feather has been exhausted? The worry is, is there any other ambush? But the Winter Warm Pavilion seemed to be dead, with the doors and windows closed and silent. The third group of intruders had already stepped into the hospital, where the ground was frozen but not oiled, and they had tied simple cloth strips to their boots, so that they could step firmly on the ground. General Sun, who was guarding outside the door, saw them walking more and more to the center of the courtyard. There was no resistance around them except for the chaotic Taihu stones in the courtyard, which looked a little strange. He looked at it nervously for a long time, and finally felt relieved. As long as people go in, they are not afraid to fight hard, after all, many people, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable bouncer, spend some price, but can always win them. As soon as he rolled his eyes, General Sun caught a glimpse of General Li beside him. His broom eyebrows were slightly raised, and his face was ready to move. He was stunned, and a thought came to his mind. At the moment, there is only one little emperor who is still in swaddling clothes in the country of Zi. If he can negotiate with the North Pole, who will catch Ye Chaofei and Empress Cen first and make the North Pole happy, who will have the chance to replace Ye Chaofei and ask Ding Zi about the high position of one person under ten thousand people, this temptation.. General Sun said it was now or never. Without waiting for General Li to open his mouth, he waved his hand and took the rest of the soldiers into the yard in person. Anyway, there were so many people in front of him that if he was really in danger, it would not be too late for him to step back. As soon as General Sun stepped into the hospital, he took a few steps, but there was a strange feeling in his heart, but he couldn't say it for a moment. He carefully and a few steps deep, obviously not big yard, winter warm pavilion in front of us, why these soldiers did not rush in? A gust of cold wind blew, and General Sun suddenly felt a rush in his heart. He found something wrong. The soldiers, embracing him, were marching toward the Winter Warm Pavilion in front of them, but somehow, they could not get close to the Winter Warm Pavilion in any case. They went around and around, but they saw that there was no end to this small courtyard except for the jagged rocks. The surprise was no small matter, and he suddenly stopped at his feet and felt a cold sweat on his back. Could it be that this is the legendary maze? General Sun suddenly remembered the battle with Qin Wang Jun not long ago, but it was not him, but his nephew who was the commander in chief. In the western suburbs outside the city, fifty thousand people encircle and suppress the other side more than twenty thousand people, unexpectedly defeated. Afterwards his nephew poured bitter water with him, straight said that the king of the army is like a ghost, his soldiers as long as into the other side, no matter how fierce soldiers, like a bewitching, completely unable to distinguish the direction. General Sun served the emperor for three generations, and he knew many secrets about the past of the Great Zi Kingdom. Rumor has it that the commander in chief of Qin Wang Jun was Nie Qingcheng, the little prince of Bei Zheng Wang Fu, who once had the name of a child prodigy. General Sun can remember clearly that the little prince was Tan Gongchi, the national teacher who learned from the late emperor. The old monster was Qimen Dun Jia. So, could it be that Qin Wang Jun colluded with Ye Chaofei? What else is hidden behind the seemingly quiet Winter Warm Pavilion in front of us? General Sun immediately sweated through his heavy clothes. Stop it all! He gave a loud shout, and the soldiers around him stopped in a daze. General Sun's sharp eyes swept over the strange jagged rocks, and his eyes froze. If there is no one in the array, they need to borrow things. They have long felt that these Taihu stones are strange. However, small rocks, he can't break the array. Can't he use brute force to destroy the array? General Sun immediately raised his eyebrows and ordered in a deep voice, "These stones are strange. I've pushed them all away and swept them away!" Nie Qingcheng, who was hiding in the dark, smiled and raised his hand quietly. When the soldiers heard that the general had orders, they immediately went to push the rocks together, but they heard a sharp scream, and then rose and fell one after another. It turned out that the rocks were covered with white soft cloth, and many fine needles were scattered on the soft cloth. Because it was covered with thin snow, it was a vast expanse of whiteness, and the needles were so small that the soldiers were not aware of it for a moment,Jumping castle with slide, and their hands were covered with blood. Nie Qingcheng pursed his lips and waved his hand decisively. The guards, who had been watching him gesture for preparation, began to shoot again. joyshineinflatables.com