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In this situation, she doesn't even have a person to talk to. Silence for a while, finally the phoenix first opened her mouth, her expression did not seem to be embarrassed, on the contrary,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, some dignified: "other things later..." She turned

Ye Fan moved, looking at these immortal veterans, the heart is more bitter, how can you open your mouth? But. But he had to say, otherwise the heroes who survived the bloody battle would die in vain in the future. Heaven is our home, and I am like all of you. Feelings for it are as deep as the sea, but we may face the Supreme, and they will launch an attack.. Ye Fan's words came out on the vast martial arts field. Everyone quieted down. The veteran looked dignified and listened carefully. The young generation clenched their fists and kept their spirits up. The young people were unwilling and all raised their eyebrows. Heaven has come to this day, which is the result of our joint efforts. It was laid out by countless brothers with their lives, and blood and bones were sprinkled all over the starry sky. Ye Fan is a little sad. We will fight them to the death. Heaven is invincible. We will never retreat! Many people said angrily, and they raised the weapons in their hands. To defend our homeland. Ye Fan looked at the male, can have such a group of people, people are moved, but the heart is also heavy, this feeling is difficult to give up and pay off, the heart is more and more blocked. There are some things I don't want to say, but I can't not say them. Ye Fan raised his words, like thunder roaring in the sky, suppressing everyone's voice and deciding that he had to go down. Everyone had a premonition of what he was going to say, and they all looked anxious. Some of them were so anxious that they could not help shouting, "Master, you can't make such a decision!" "Master, Heaven is our heart's work, and it must not be scattered!" Every face was full of fear,304 Stainless Steel Coil, and all of them did not want to see such a result. Heaven does not fall, forever in the human world! Ye Fan shouted, eyes more and more sharp, like two tangible beams of light, scanning all directions, since there is a decision, it is bloody to uncover it, there is no need to be euphemistic. He looked at everyone and spoke slowly, but more forcefully,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, saying: "Temporary forbearance does not mean that my heaven no longer exists. I want to give all my brothers a holiday. Wait for me for a hundred years. Give me a period of time. When the time comes, heaven will reappear." "But the religious leader." People were so anxious that they didn't want the result, so they opened their mouths one after another to stop it. Ye Fan raised his hand, and his words suddenly became loud. "Heaven will not fall," he said. "The flag will reappear. This is my promise. I will get together with my brothers again!" "At that time," he said, "it will be more brilliant, more brilliant. I want to make it immortal, I want to make it immortal, I want it to frighten the supreme, I want all the heavens and all the worlds to surrender before it! Everyone looked at the magnificent high platform and looked at Ye Fan, who looked like a demon. Please believe me, give me a hundred years, in order to give you a more powerful heaven, at that time, no one in these nine days and ten places dares to offend our heaven! Ye Fan swore under the stars. He was full of emotion and roared hard. Now we are defeated and retreat, just to live. Sooner or later, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, we will come back, and the world will tremble because of us. "I want you to understand that the present glory is nothing at that time, and the present humiliation is only an episode." "A hundred years later, we will come back and stand again under the starry sky, and the flag of heaven will not fall, fluttering in the wind, more brilliant!" Ye Fan was roaring vigorously, and his whole body was full of fighting blood. A huge dragon-shaped light pillar rose from the sky and sank into the sky. The shaking heaven and earth shook violently, and the way of heaven was trembling. There will be the first day of reunion, and at that time, we will really rise, and you will find that the journey really begins! Because in the future we will conquer nine days, into one and another forbidden zone of life, that is our battlefield, now is just training, far from the real glory! "Moreover, the forbidden zone of life is not our only battlefield, into the realm of immortals, breaking the myth, shaking immortality and asking for longevity.". That is our ultimate goal, our ultimate battlefield is far more vast and huge than you think! "What is this now? It's just a transition from our real warm-blooded war. It's just a kind of sharpening.". And here I say. Please don't waste your martial arts. We want you to endure. It's not really taking off your armor and returning to the field, but self-cultivation. All brothers, you must understand that there are vast and grand battlefields waiting for you in the future, and our vision is not limited to this era. We want to be above the eternal heavens! Because we want to build a real heaven, an immortal and immortal heaven, which will create a miracle that has never existed in ancient times. Even the forbidden zone of life can only tremble on our way, that's all. They are not the ultimate place! Under the starry sky, on the martial arts field, the veterans who could not die in a hundred battles clenched their fists. And the young generation and the young soldiers and generals could not help but roar, their battlefield is so vast, even the forbidden zone of life is not the end. This makes people's blood boil and their hearts surge. There is no doubt that it is a huge battle map, is the vision of Ye Fan's heart, now these are nothing, just a small slapstick, far from brilliant. In the future, if all this comes true, then they will really create a great event that has never happened before, and the eternal glory is waiting to start. A great ambition lies ahead. War, war, war! Perhaps only these three words can express the passion in their hearts, their unwillingness, their desire, and their suffocation. Their excitement, all flowing in the boiling blood, turned into a roar and rushed out! "We'll be back!" Ye Fan used these words to temporarily end his words, and his firm belief and strong will greatly touched many people. Brilliant in the future, all of them just set sail, encounter the wind and waves to calculate what, always in the past. When flying apsaras, they will be prancing on the Fairy River, not the sea on earth, and all the heroes are looking forward to it! "Master, this hundred years will be very difficult for you. Can you get through it?" Some veterans are worried that their words are not high,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, but they point to the key point. In the next hundred years, Ye Fan will have a bloody battle with the Supreme. In order to reach the top, the danger he faces will be unimaginable. They can't help him to fight alone.