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My career is not suitable for her, and all his high officials, splendor and wealth are everyone's dream.." The old woman said, "Brother, the word" everyone "is not appropriate." Li Yanqiu smiled and said, "In a word, I can't blame her for thi

Lin Lei also looked into the distance, far away in the air, there were several teams flying by metal life, and several people acting alone. What surprised Lin Lei most was that around him, Lin Lei could not notice anyone who had the same breath as this Breiler. Here it comes. Brailer laughed. Sure enough- A figure, dressed in a black robe and about the same height as Brailer, was flying towards here at a high speed, and sometimes a trace of evil spirit passed through his eyes. As the figure approached, he immediately bowed and said, "Dark Breller, pay your respects to the Lord!" Silence! Whether it's the other main God messengers, or the army commander William, or Beibei, or even Lin Lei! I was shocked! "Are you the same person?" Lin Lei swept the two men in disbelief. Brailer, dressed in a white robe, has a kind smile, which makes people feel good. Brailer, dressed in a black robe, made people feel evil. The most important thing is that the two souls are different! In common sense, once the soul of God is divided into two parts, the soul divided into two parts is the same. Memories, feelings, etc., are exactly the same. According to reason, different gods, that is, temperament, thought and so on, should also be the same. Lord God, he and I are really the same person. Said the white-robed Breller respectfully. To be precise, we were one person a billion years ago. Black-robed Breller glanced at white-robed Breller. Beibei looked at the black-robed and white-robed Breller. He turned to Lin Lei and said, "Boss,Fiberglass tape measure, what's going on?"? Are they the same person? "Brailer, you two." Lin Lei swept two people in front of him, "is it really a person?"? What can you prove? The white-robed Breller looked at the black-robed Breller and said, "The two of us, let's get together once." "I don't want to be with you." Said Black-robed Brailer. Later, the white-robed Breller and the black-robed Breller actually approached each other, their bodies actually merged, and finally became a person-Breller! "Really a person." Lin Lei was completely shocked. Just the same person. In order to be truly integrated. The weirdest thing is. After these two people merge into one person, the soul breath of one person after this fusion has changed unexpectedly. It is totally different from the pure and gentle soul breath of the white-robed Breller and the tyrannical and crazy soul breath of the black-robed Breller. It is a complex, but strange system. "Can you tell me what's going on?" Lin Lei looked at this Braille doubtfully. Brailer looked around at the others. Then he bowed and said, "Tell the Lord God, I, Braile.." I believe that the Lord God also sees that I am not an ordinary race. Lin Lei nodded slightly. The body is strong, unexpectedly can resist the seven star demon level strong attack. How can ordinary people have this physical strength? And. After the transformation, the muscles of the whole body swelled and bulged, and the skin was mixed with blue and white lines, horse weight tape ,cattle weight tape, like the skin of a snake. Especially the two antennae on the forehead. Everything means that Brailer is not an ordinary race. I am a member of the ancient Bula tribe! Breller said respectfully. Bula? Lin Lei frowned. It is the earth, the Lord God. Breller said respectfully, "We, the Bra people, are no less talented than the mythical beasts!" Lin Lei also knows. There are many strange beings between heaven and earth, and many beings also have natural magical powers. Such as the Bauhinia God bred by the Amethyst Mountains, such as the first plant life death master born in the underworld, and the first life destruction master in hell.. They all exist in other places. This kind of existence, many. Generally, one or two mythical beasts or special beings will be born in every material plane. On the Magnolia plane, the devouring rat was born. There are also many other planes. It's just that they have different experiences, and some of them are talented. But the achievement is not so good. Although our Bra tribe is very strong. But we don't have the magical powers! Brailer said again. No magical powers? Beibei couldn't help wondering. A race so powerful. There should be a gift of magical powers. God is fair. We don't have magical powers. However, we have an innate ability. Brailler laughed. "Every Bra has known a secret art for as long as he can remember-to transform his soul, and then one person becomes two people." "Metamorphosis?" Lin Lei frowned. Yes, metamorphosis! Brailer nodded. "As long as it's an intelligent life, it's a flawed character!"! There is a weakness! For example, I like to study the magic array, and I want to immerse myself in studying the magic array completely. But in my heart, I also have something else. For example, women, for example, power and so on! All this will make me unable to calm down and study the magic array. Lin Lei nodded. Just like himself, he can't practice completely without rest. Generally speaking, Lin Lei has five doppelgangers, four doppelgangers are practicing, and one doppelganger is resting. We, the Bra people, can be divided completely into two categories: personality, thoughts, and so on. Gather together what you want. Greed, evil and so on, which you don't want, can also be put aside! Then, let the soul metamorphose into two souls. Then, the body is also divided into two people! Brailler laughed. "Just like me, my body, calm, I can calm down and immerse myself in the study of magic array.". And my other soul is full of all kinds of things, to kill, to fight and so on. "Two souls don't want to interfere with each other." Brailler laughed, "also because of going to extremes, of course, my strength will also have a breakthrough." Lin Lei was completely shocked. This basically turns one person into two people in many aspects, such as personality and thought. There is a saying that there is a demon in everyone's heart. No matter how noble a person is, there will be tyrannical elements in his heart, but he has strong self-control ability and does not show it. And this Bula clan can actually separate these two aspects. The human soul, very complex! When life is born, the soul naturally has, and with the different experiences, people's thoughts and so on gradually change, the soul breath will also have a slight change. Breller smiled faintly. "Of course,tape measure clip, it won't change much.". After all, at the time of birth, the fundamental breath of the soul has been fixed. Lin Lei nodded.