Country Pen Immortal of Cultivating Immortals

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Standing behind him was Qinghe, who locked his eyes on him and sighed for a long time: "it's hard to imagine that of all races, there are humans who are worse than crows singing.". Read the eyes of the Qinghe, Gong Yilin'hissing 'to take a breath of cold air,o

Even if he pretended to be like him again, Qinghe he would not really be foolish enough to believe that Gong Yilin had changed his ways and directly opened his mouth to say the right thing: "Five days later, the alchemist's big competition is over, and that is the exhibition.". This year, it is the turn of the Du family, one of the top ten alchemists, to show the final treasure of the auction. "The Du family?" Noticing that Qinghe had singled out the family, Gong Yilin immediately reacted: "Is it related to you, or is it related to me?" The eyes of the Qinghe show appreciation, and the beauty of Gong Yilin's words is relaxed, there is no need to go to explain alone: "Du family, is the marriage family with the Nalan family." Gong Yilin's eyes seemed to be planning something. Seeing this, the Qinghe warned: "Don't spend too much time on the Du family. This year's highlight is the final exhibition." Gong Yilin was attracted and raised his head to listen to him. I received news that the last exhibit was only on display in the name of the Du family, but it was actually a treasure of the Nalan family. Hearing the word'treasure ', Gong Yilin sniffed: "If it is a real treasure, no family is willing to take it out for auction." Qinghe's eyes also with a bit of sarcasm, "interesting is here, according to the spy report, this exhibit is not only a treasure, or Nalan family heirloom." In the middle of the conversation, Gong Yilin sniffed east and west like a dog, frowning slightly: "What are you doing?" Gong Yilin sniffed and rubbed his index finger across the bridge of his nose. "I feel like I smell a conspiracy." He looked around and saw that no one lowered his head to the ear of the Qinghe and said, "This kind of good thing that looks like a pie falling from the sky must hide a big conspiracy behind it." Warm breath came from the ear,Whirlpool bathtub, Qinghe slightly unnaturally moved to the side, before returning to normal expression, "wealth and honor in danger, believe that there are many people." "Whether it's true or not, the Nalan family must be impregnable now, and it's impossible to explore it." As he spoke, Gong Yilin's eyes seemed to pass through the thick wall of the main hall in front of him and fell on the boundary behind him: "I have heard that there are three wonderful bridges in Du'e Gate, the Lock Heart Bridge, the Dragon and Elephant Bridge,endless swimming pool, and the Burning God Bridge.". Heart lock bridge is said to be able to let people fall into the deepest valley of desire, see what they really care about, dragon and elephant bridge can temper people's desire, one step on the bridge is a thousand pounds, burning God bridge is the most cruel, a sea of fire under the bridge, the surrounding temperature is extremely high, few people are close to it, even if the first two bridges can not walk out of desire, or can not start, when the time comes, they will be automatically transmitted to the outside of E. But the burning of the sacred bridge can really make people worry about their lives. If you don't pay attention, you will be beyond redemption. The Qinghe recognized the meaning of his words: "Do you want to try?" "Now that you've come, you can't come in vain." Peach Blossom's eyes curved. "It's not your suggestion to come for a stroll. It's too unreasonable not to visit the scenic spots here." Qinghe: "I'd rather you sign up for the alchemy." Although the front is quiet, but there is a long queue, Gong Yilin looked at the endless queue to sign up, endless pool swim spa ,outdoor spa manufacturers, secretly shocked, "I'd better not join in the excitement." The Qinghe silently wrote down a new cognition of Gong Yilin in his heart: He was overjoyed on the surface, but in fact he was not happy, and he hated queuing. Think of the last one, Qinghe can not help but laugh, perhaps Gong Yilin is not exclusive queuing, is hate to do things according to the rules. The two men bypassed the main hall with a long line and came to the rear of Du'e Gate. Soon, a long bridge appeared in front of them. The bridge body was pitted and pitted, and it was full of vicissitudes of life. A small wooden sign was erected at the entrance of the bridge, on which the three words "Lock Heart Bridge" were written in all directions. There were many people on the bridge deck, some young, some old, all of them with their eyes closed, some with intoxicated expressions, some with painful expressions, ferocious and almost twisted. Gong Yilin just took a look and did not stop. Qinghe: "No?" Gong Yilin shook his head and said, "My heart is like a mirror. I don't need to look at it." "You go first, and I'll come to you later." Eyes fixed on the lock heart bridge, Qinghe out of the blue out of a sentence. Gong Yilin Wei Zheng, did not expect to be interested in the lock heart bridge with Qinghe character, he nodded, did not ask, alone toward the back of the two bridges. Dragon and Elephant Bridge belongs to the world of physical cultivation. At a glance, there are only eight or nine people, far less than the number of people who just locked the heart bridge. Most of them are bearded men, or muscular men, all of them are laborious, and the movement of lifting feet is extremely slow. Gong Yilin's goal was not here either. He walked straight to the third bridge without stopping. The distance between the Burning God Bridge and the first two bridges was far. Before I got there, I felt a heat wave blowing on my face. I looked up and saw that there was no one around, leaving only an ancient long bridge, simple and atmospheric, standing on the sea of fire. The small bridge with blue waves is a perfect match, but the red angry sea and the silent long bridge have the incomparable momentum of the small bridge and flowing water, even though its momentum is not beautiful, scary and dangerous. As soon as Gong Yilin threw his sleeve robe, his expression was firm and resolute. He was about to stride forward. Suddenly he stopped and muttered to himself, "I'm the only one at the moment. There's no audience. No matter how well I pretend, who can I show it to?" In the blink of an eye, he trotted directly, and a very light curtain rose around him, wrapping him in a circle of light, protecting him from the erosion of flames. Eyes spread to the flames under the bridge, Gong Yilin hummed in a good mood: "a wave in the wave, a wave in the wave!" The more he sang, the more excited he became, and he howled several times around the bridge. Keep singing, and I don't mind giving you some scenery to set off, like sparks flying all over the sky. A word suddenly came from not far behind him. Gong Yilin was so frightened that he almost fell down. He turned his back and pretended to be angry. "You think you're a cat. You don't make a sound when you walk." Standing behind him was Qinghe, who locked his eyes on him and sighed for a long time: "it's hard to imagine that of all races, there are humans who are worse than crows singing.". Read the eyes of the Qinghe, Gong Yilin'hissing 'to take a breath of cold air,outdoor whirlpool, trying to keep himself calm, do not make the rude action of shaking fists, although really waving may not be able to hit.