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Standing behind him was Qinghe, who locked his eyes on him and sighed for a long time: "it's hard to imagine that of all races, there are humans who are worse than crows singing.". Read the eyes of the Qinghe, Gong Yilin'hissing 'to take a breath of cold air,o

Sun Peng stared at Guo Chengfeng with a smile, but he was also a little surprised. He thought about it on the way to come. Guo Chengfeng's reaction was also within his expectation. But at the moment, Guo Chengfeng did the opposite, which made Sun Peng wonder. He is indeed a playboy from a big family who has seen the world. His psychological endurance is much stronger than that of Chen Zhiping. After the first wave, how will you fight back? Watching Guo Chengfeng take a deep breath and smile faintly, Sun Peng looked forward to it again. [Www Qiqisuu Bookcom] 69. Lao Hei knows them (Second watch) "You are so confident!" Guo Chengfeng sneers, for Sun Peng's intrepidity he naturally had an understanding, otherwise there would be no intention of wooing, the result to Guo Chengfeng's surprise is that Sun Peng does not seem to be an unknown little man, at least, from his access to the core figures of the city Bureau this can be seen, this person is not simple! Hearing Guo Chengfeng's sarcastic words, Sun Peng smiled disapprovingly and was delighted instead. After turning so many corners to meet Guo Chengfeng, Sun Peng naturally did not do so because of the pain of idle eggs. The reason why he did so was to convey a message to Guo Chengfeng: Since I can get in touch with such a high-end network of relationships, it means that there is a background behind me that is not weaker than this network of relationships, or stronger. If you, Guo Chengfeng,best whirlpool tub, still insist on having your own way and want to make trouble through the background, then at most the fish will die and the net will be broken, and everyone will have to live in peace. Sun Peng is naturally not afraid of things, otherwise he would not say that he came alone, the reason why he would go to a lot of trouble to do this, is to take care of those friends who were inadvertently involved. If Guo Chengfeng is only aimed at him, Sun Peng is not afraid at all. If not,whirlpool bathtub, he will run back to his hometown. Ten minutes after the transformation of the devil is enough for him to leave. Generally speaking, how dare you go to Liangshan without three or three? You still need to have the necessary self-confidence. Sun Peng looked at Guo Chengfeng appreciatively. The meaning he wanted to convey was more profound. Sun Peng thought Guo Chengfeng could not understand it. But when he saw Guo Chengfeng suddenly sitting back, Sun Peng immediately realized that he seemed to underestimate the intelligence quotient of the other party. He was also a multicellular organism. Ha ha, you have more than three, two, three, almost a catty! Guo Chengfeng sneered, "Now that you have explained your words, I would like to ask, aren't you afraid that you will never come back?" Guo Chengfeng is really puzzled, Sun Peng at this time showed this kind of extremely strong posture so that he can not digest for a while. Guo Chengfeng is very confident that his family has the final say in this one mu and three parts of the land in Ning City, but Sun Peng said this beyond doubt, 5 person hot tub ,endless swimming pool, Guo Chengfeng also had to worry about whether Sun Peng was mystifying or something, so what he wanted to do most at the moment was to explore Sun Peng's bottom. I've thought about it, but isn't Lao Chen still waiting outside? Sun Peng looked at him meaningfully and said, "I have to chat with your father later. You're not going to let him go back empty, are you?" Your sister! Guo Chengfeng's face changed, Sun Peng made it clear that he was using his father to press him, that is to say, Sun Peng already knew that his behavior was hidden from his father and could not be known by his father, so he dared to play this hand brazenly. ***ing woman! Guo Chengfeng secretly scolded, he knew very well that only Guo Xiaofei could know the joints, so instead of Guo Xiaofei's hatred became more and more intense. Whether you believe it or not, I have put the words here anyway. If you have nothing to do, I will go first and contact you when you are free. Sun Peng stood up with a smile. Don't send! Guo Chengfeng has a cold face. If he can, he really wants to splash Sun Peng's face with the drink on the tea table. Sun Peng nodded, turned out of the house, said hello to Lao Chen, got into the car, and then the car swaggered away in the eyes of more than N people. "Who is he?" Xiang Yiming walked down the stairs, and he heard all the brief but gunpowder conversations between the two just now. At the moment, he was no less curious about Sun Peng's identity than Guo Chengfeng. I don't know, but what I found here in the city is just a student who can fight. Guo Chengfeng frowned, and he still had deep doubts about Sun Peng's words. Is it just a good fight? Xiang Yiming subconsciously touched the bruise on his cheek. Guo Chengfeng heard the sound and looked at him, and his heart suddenly sank. Naturally, he knew very well how much Xiang Yiming could play. Guo Chengfeng felt that even if he put Xiang Yiming in the city, he was estimated to be one of the most ruthless roles. But such a character was also stepped on by Sun Peng in the face. Is this just "quite able to play"? "The intelligence work is not meticulous enough. I'll go back and investigate it myself. Since he dares to say that and dare to come here so brazenly, I'm afraid it's not groundless. It's necessary to do an in-depth investigation." Xiang Yiming analyzed it in a professional tone. Well, I'm afraid the kid will take it straight to my dad! Guo Chengfeng looked worried. Xiang Yiming smiled. "I don't think he would be so stupid. If he didn't say it, you might be able to pin you down without knowing what your father meant. But if he really said it, I think no matter what your father's attitude is, you would probably take him under the knife, right?" "Not only him, but those who are with him will be destroyed!" Guo Chengfeng's eyes were red and he was obviously a little mad. That's right. I'm not sure about anything else, but if we really touch his friend these days, with his perverse personality, I'm afraid it will really bring this matter to your father, which is extremely bad for us. In that case, why don't we just compromise and not touch his friends? Said to the name of the game. Compromise? When did Lao Xiang learn to bow his head? Guo Chengfeng was surprised that in his impression, Xiang Yiming was not such a good person. I'm just saying temporarily, Guo Shao, you think,hot tub spa manufacturers, if he doesn't exist himself, where can he manage the lives of his friends? He pushed his glasses to the name of the game, and a smile with deep meaning crossed the corners of his mouth. monalisa.com