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Standing behind him was Qinghe, who locked his eyes on him and sighed for a long time: "it's hard to imagine that of all races, there are humans who are worse than crows singing.". Read the eyes of the Qinghe, Gong Yilin'hissing 'to take a breath of cold air,o

Shangguan queen mother does not know the mountain treasure, "who is this person?" "Back to the queen mother, this man is an alchemist." "An alchemist?"? What are you going to call him for? Shangguan queen mother double red phoenix eyes stare round and round, very lovely. I was so cute that I had to make fun of her. Zi Fu called him into the palace, naturally to refine the ageless elixir for the empress Dowager, in order to protect the empress Dowager's eternal youth and boundless longevity. That pair of round Danfeng eyes, kept blinking, blinking to and fro, can not blink out why, suspicious, "Lian Zifu, you will not be using a delaying tactic?"? You are afraid that Gu will deal with you again, so you should stabilize Gu first. Once you drag it to the decree of conferring a title, even if Gu has the intention to oppose it, he will be powerless to save the day. A wise woman thinks of every possibility. The queen mother why worry about this? The queen mother was holding the handle of Zi Fu in her hand. Zi Fu was the queen. The queen mother also had a way to pull Zi Fu down. "A handle?" Shangguan queen mother does not understand, "Gu ever had you what handle?" I replied, "Zi Fu has more than one handle. Sima Luo, Zi Fu's father and mother, and his younger brother Zi Yi, any one of them will make Zi Fu throw rats and avoid weapons." I gave her a handle, she temporarily suppressed suspicion, "Lian Zifu, you'd better not play any tricks with Gu, otherwise Gu will not forgive you!" I did not pick up her words, trust this thing, this is time to see the heart. Now, no matter how much I swear to God, it's just a waste of saliva. Turning to discuss the aftermath with her, "has the queen mother ever thought that if Zi Fu is not the queen, who in the harem is the most suitable for the position of the mother instrument in the world?" Shangguan queen mother smiled, "this, solitary nature has long been a candidate." "Is it?"? Coincidentally, Zi Fu also has a candidate, is about to recommend to the queen mother. But I don't know,4 person jacuzzi, the queen mother and Zi Fu are thinking of the same person? "Oh?"? What you think is "" "What the queen mother thinks is" Then we said in unison, "Wang Jieyu." After speaking with one voice, they smiled at each other, with some heroic sympathy. Shangguan queen mother sighed, "Lian Zi Fu, if you are not Lian Zi Fu, I will like you." This kind of exclamation is forgotten by my ears. So what if you like me? So what if you didn't mean to take my life? No, that doesn't mean, no. If Sima Luo did not use the "phoenix life glow" to break the "sorcery" Bureau, if I died in the Tingwei Yamen because of this, she Shangguan Empress Dowager, great,jacuzzi bath spa, also felt dejected, sighed, "Creation makes people, people are not as good as God.". Two or three months later, in the fourth year of Dijie, after Emperor Xuan ascended the throne, there were the most disputes and the most killings. For him, it was a year of turning point significance. For me, the year when I fell from heaven to hell and returned from hell to the world came to an end amid the sound of firecrackers to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new. Although I did not privately out of the palace, although I put the thoughts of Sima Luo hidden in the midnight dream back, although on the surface I have been following the rules, Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty has always been unable to rest assured of me, so just after the end of the year just Beginning of Spring, he can't wait to cash his words, after the ceremony will be finalized at the end of January. (154) On the grand ceremony after the establishment. Updated July 23, 2010 9:43:47 Words: 1464 Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty gave me a grand and magnificent ceremony. It was said that he had spent a lot of thought and effort to arrange it before. It was said that after the ceremony, he would change his reign title to herald a new beginning. In the square of the main hall, all the civil and military officials gathered together. Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty sat up at the head. I knelt down in front of the steps, dressed in the queen's temple clothes, waiting for the minister to announce the decree and confer the title. After the ceremony, the most critical procedure, for me, is also the most critical moment. The Chamberlain brought a wooden box containing the imperial edict, jacuzzi swim spa ,jacuzzi manufacturers, and the court ordered Li Mo, solemnly and solemnly, to open the wooden box and prepare to read out the imperial edict. At this time, I was waiting for this time, Li Mo put his hand into the wooden box, took out the imperial edict of Ming Huang cloth and silk, holding one side in his right hand, and his left hand was waiting to spread it out in front of his chest. At this time, without warning, Li Mo's left hand trembled, like cramps, more like being burned by something, and the imperial edict, which had not yet been unfolded, fell off from his palm. Or, to put it more accurately, he subconsciously threw out the imperial edict that had burned him. Li Mo has always been steady, and he would make such a gaffe on such an occasion, which makes this strange even more strange. And this weirdness, weirdness, has just happened. The imperial edict of the cloth and silk thrown out, in the wind, fluttered, fluttered, leaped to the ground, lit a fire, a rare blue-green fire, emitting not heat, but cold. Falling to the ground, even if it is far away, you can still feel the cold silence. Silence, like this fire, suddenly, swept across the whole square, Xuan Di suddenly stood up, all the ministers stretched their necks, dumb, like a point, mouth, stare, extreme consternation, fear is gradually taking shape. The blue and green fire, which caused consternation and fear, did not last long, and when the last spark disappeared, it did not disappear with the shock it caused, but pushed the weirdness to the extreme. Because the fire, which could have turned everything into ashes, did not burn the imperial edict. After the fire was extinguished, the flammable cloth and silk were bright yellow and intact, and even the corners were not scorched at all. At that moment, no one recovered from silence, and even if they did, they would only sink faster in amazement and fear. Li Mo still covered the palm of his left hand, swallowed hard, and finally was able to look away, from the same silence on the ground of the imperial edict, turned to Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty. Emperor Xuan's face was not much calmer than Li Mo's, and as an emperor, he was better than ordinary people because he was good at pretending to be calm. Emperor Xuan winked at Li Mo, who received the hint, nodded, and walked over to the imperial edict that had fallen not far away. Bend down, want to pick up, the fingers of the right hand will not touch, a little hesitation. Hesitantly shrank his fingertips, but then suppressed the shrink, as if he had gone out, and suddenly grabbed it. Grasp in the hand, then, surprised. In fact, after Li Mo picked up the imperial edict,indoor endless pool, there was nothing wrong with it. He held it in his hand, neither being burned again, nor igniting any blue fire or green fire. Perhaps that was the reason for his surprise.