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The black-robed monk smiled faintly and said, "You'll know right away." "Since I'm going to die, please tell me." The hidden emperor couldn't figure out who else could kill him except the black-robed monk? Who is qualified to kill him.

The Crimson Wolf was much faster than the Spider, so Kali grabbed Wang Yu a few seconds earlier than Lu Xiuda. The Crimson Wolf roared, and a huge wolf claw grabbed Wang Yu like a giant mountain. Seeing that the giant wolf's claws were about to tear Wang Yu to pieces, Wang Yu suddenly moved. His body shrank and disappeared like a ghost from the claws of the Crimson Wolf. At the same moment, a purple thunder and lightning suddenly exploded, and the roar of the beast came faintly from the thunder and lightning. One of the twelve Warcraft cards of Wang Yu, the purple leopard card with the strongest speed is released from the seal. According to reason, although the speed of the purple thunder leopard card is fast, the crimson wolf will not slow it much, but the problem is that the purple thunder leopard is born with thunder and lightning attributes, as soon as the seal is lifted, the purple electricity with hundreds of millions of volts of high voltage is like a python dragon, a merciless winding, whipping on the body of the crimson wolf. Crimson Wolf is very strong, it has excellent physical defense, but it can not resist magic, especially the terrible electric magic, is almost the natural enemy of most Warcraft. Kali's brain almost burst: Why is the martial arts master so fast that he can escape from the claws of the crimson wolf and take out the purple leopard like lightning! This thing is the nemesis of the Crimson Wolf! Did the martial arts master think of it in a moment? Or is it just a coincidence? If you think of a way to deal with the Crimson Wolf in an instant. The martial arts masters are terrible! This is the last thought of Kali, in the body of the thunder and lightning attack of the purple leopard, he and the Crimson Wolf's actions are involuntarily frozen for two seconds, it is this moment of jet lag doomed to Kali's defeat. Pow! The purple thunder leopard carried Wang Yu on his back and passed Kali's crimson wolf. A flash of light, Wang Yu holding the dragon soul dagger in his hand, taking advantage of the moment of two people staggered, lightning killed Kali. After the death of the master,7g Ozone Generator, those Warcraft will automatically revert to the state of the seal card. As soon as Wang Yu got rid of Kali, Lu Xiuda came over to kill him in a burst spider. It's not that Lusiuda doesn't want to rush up and join forces with Kali. But the speed of the Burst Spider is really not enough, although it has eight legs, it can move far worse than the Crimson Wolf. Originally a good two-man attack situation, in the blink of an eye, only Lu Xiuda was left sitting alone with a burst spider shouting loudly to launch a daring attack. When he rushed to Wang Yu, Lu Xiuda had already reacted, and when he saw the fate of Kali, how dare he provoke Wang Yu again! Have the intention to retreat, anyway, the line of the three places must have their own share, why do emotional struggle? Unfortunately, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic bobbin heater core, even if he wanted to retreat, it would be too late. Burst magic spider has a characteristic. It was a little slow at first, but it got faster and faster later, and the spider could only go in a straight line. There is no avoidance and turning at all. If you think about crabs and other places, you can understand the specific reasons. The feet of arthropods are all like this. Lu Xiuda's facial expression is very rich, from the beginning of the surprise, to the beginning of the charge of anger. Then to rush to the front to see Kali was killed after the eyes are almost jumped out, the chin almost fell to the ground of horror, shock, and then to react after a face of flattery and ingratiation. Wang Yu didn't even look at these, he snapped his fingers directly! The steel claws of the Dark Phoenix suddenly fell from the sky. He directly trampled Lu Xiuda and the bursting magic spider to pieces. Ding! The player is a martial arts master, a demon, and a Kali, and is qualified for promotion. A message prompted by the system is delivered to each Angel player at the same time. After the news passed, the entrance of the dimensional space heard a wave of light flowing through the magic array, and thirteen players returned to Angel City from the dimensional space. Compared with the confidence when they first went in, most of them seemed to be out of their minds, and even Youmo and Kali, who were qualified, looked like they had been emptied of their souls. There is a demon who feels wronged and wants to win or lose with the martial arts masters in this card battle. I didn't know that I had killed more than a dozen players in the mountains. Finally came out and was killed by a dark phoenix card of Wang Yu. Kali also felt very aggrieved. If he had known earlier, he would not have provoked the martial arts master. Although being killed in the dimensional space will not lose experience, it still makes him feel depressed. Compared to a demon and a Kali. Lu Xiuda simply wanted to cry without tears. He should have been one of the three qualifying places, but he shouldn't have been so hot-headed that he followed Youmo and Kali to attack the martial arts masters. He was killed in seconds, not to mention that he was even disqualified for killing the least number of enemies. Only then did he know that no matter how many people he killed, once he was killed by others, his quota would be taken away. If there are demons who are depressed and regretful, then the people who have been paying attention to Wang Yu all the time, such as Tong, Kuang Shuai, Killer, Sunset Thin Smoke and Luo Tiansha, who wish to cut Wang Yu into pieces, can be described as resentful and violent at this time. What? Is the martial arts master promoted smoothly again? How can he be promoted smoothly? Are there any other players who are so weak? Idiots, a bunch of idiots! Tong lost his image and roared loudly, and the appearance of the boy who shouted loudly made people feel strange enough. Luo Tiancha's face has been twitching: useless. Martial arts masters are invincible. We can't help it.. I don't blame Luo Tiansha for his despair. From the beginning, he has not won almost once against the martial arts masters. Whether it is money or stratagem, as long as he meets the martial arts masters, he can only suffer from himself. This time, he would have almost forgotten to take revenge on the martial arts masters if it hadn't been for the instigation of people like Tong Zhe,alumina c799, Kuang Shuai and the killer. Kuang Shuai's eyes flashed fiercely, and he did not know what he was thinking. The killer and the thin smoke of the sunset also have their own faces of haze, and their hearts are heavy. There is a way. There must be a way. Tong Zhe suddenly raised his head and laughed nervously at all the people around him who were involved in dealing with the martial arts masters: I have never suffered such a big loss since Tong Zhe's debut. I have to avenge this. There's still a chance. The people of the Secret Butterfly Club haven't done it yet. We still have hope.. global-ceramics.com