Thermoplastic Panel suppliers

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Thermoplastic Panel suppliersThermoplastic Panel suppliersThermoplastic Panel suppliers

Thermoplastic Panel suppliers Description The thermoplastic glass reinforced PP honeycomb panel is a thermoplastic lightweight honeycomb sandwich panel. The core material is a PP honeycomb, and the surface material is a polypropylene strip which is continuous fiberglass reinforced. Because of its light weight, high strength, environment protection and other characteristics, it is widely used in logistics body, construction panels, outdoor home, transform of special vehicle, logistics packing materials and other fields. 聽 Technical Parameter 聽 MaterialPolymerMain materialpolypropylene Molding processExtrusion + hot-melt bondingProduct gradeMedical grade, Food grade, Industrial grade Core diameterInner diameter 0.12鈥欌€?to 1.18鈥欌€?(3mm to 30mm)Thickness range0.12鈥欌€?to 19.68鈥欌€?(3mm to 500mm) Sheet length鈮?118.11鈥欌€?(3000mm)Sheet width鈮?53.15鈥欌€?(1350mm) Density40kg/m鲁 to 200kg/m鲁 (Standard 80kg/m鲁)Operating temperature-100鈩?to +180鈩?/p All of the above listed are the data for reference, and products can be customized if you have other special requirements! 聽 Features 鈥?High strength-to-weight ratio 鈥?Corrosion, fungi, rot, chemical, and moisture resistant 鈥?Sound and vibration dampening 鈥?Weather resistance. 鈥?Recyclable 鈥?Good shock compression resistance 鈥?Energy absorbing (CFRT: Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic composites) Any other requirements just contact us! 聽 FAQ Q: Which transport way can you provide? A: We can supply delivery by way of sea, by way of air and by way of express. 聽 Q: What鈥檚 your after-sale service? A: Our exceptional guarantee duration is one year. Any first-class hassle will be solved to patron satisfactions. 聽Thermoplastic Panel suppliers website: