Other Coated Abrasive Tools manufacturers

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Other Coated Abrasive Tools manufacturersOther Coated Abrasive Tools manufacturers

Other Coated Abrasive Tools manufacturers Felt wheels with glass fiber are tools used for grinding, polishing and handling various materials锛宎nd have the advantages of high wear resistance, wide application range, convenient operation and good treatment effect, etc. It is an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly tool. 1. Highly wear-resistant Felt wheels are made of high-quality wool, the surface is fine and smooth and has a certain degree of elasticity, making it highly wear-resistant. Feltwheels do not wear or deform as quickly as conventional grinding wheels, so they consistently provide a smooth and fine finish to workpiece surfaces. 2. Wide range of application Felt wheels can be used for grinding, polishing and processing of various materials, such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. Its flexibility and versatility make it widely used in different industries and application fields. 3. Easy to operate Felt wheels are easy to use, and when combined with the appropriate grinding tool, the surface of the workpiece can be finished quickly. At the same time, Feltwheels are compact and small, easy to store and carry. 4. Good processing effect Felt wheels can achieve high-precision treatment of the surface of the workpiece, making it more smooth, defect-free and efficient. At the same time, the special structure of Feltwheels enables it to handle fine parts without damaging the surface of the workpiece. Product introduction of Felt wheels with glass fiber Felt wheels with glass fiber are tools made of plush or compressed wool and are widely used in fine work in the woodworking, metalworking, glass, stone and other industries. They are usually disc-shaped and are often used for grinding, polishing, deburring, removing dirt, etc. Feltwheels are usually made of natural wool because it has excellent elasticity, is not easy to deform, has good water absorption properties, and is also very suitable for precision machining. During the production process, workers compact and cut off many times, and finally make the spliced felt wheel present a uniform density and smooth surface, so as to achieve efficient and labor-saving processing effects. Feltwheels have a wide range of applications, from simple home DIY to large-scale machinery manufacturing, you can use felt wheels to complete different processing tasks. At the same time, the shape and size of Feltwheels are also very diverse to meet different processing needs. Aaplication of Felt wheels with glass fiber High specification polishing for finishing metal surfaces, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, etc. Product Specifications In mmIn inches Soft(0.38g) Medium(0.45g)Hard(0.50g)Rock Hard(0.60g) 100*84*5/16" 100*10 4*3/8" 100*124*1/2" 100*154*5/8" 125*85*5/16" 125*105*3/8" 125*125*1/2" 125*155*5/8" Workshop production of Felt wheels with glass fiber Packing and delivery Contact me Wynne zhang Phone: +0086-15628888834 Envelope: liyue@zqhongdun.com Address: Shandong Province, China Whatsapp/Whatsapp:+0086-15628888834 Other Coated Abrasive Tools manufacturers website:http://www.jinanenying.com/coated-abrasive-tools/other-coated-abrasive-tools/