Compound Balanced Mesh Belt with Chain manufacturers

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Compound Balanced Mesh Belt with Chain manufacturersCompound Balanced Mesh Belt with Chain manufacturers

Compound Balanced Mesh Belt with Chain manufacturers Company Profile Kansai Wire Netting(Kunshan)Co., Ltd, as a subsidiary of Kansai Wire Netting from Japan, was founded in 2004, in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, PRC with total invested capital-USD 4.2 million co-operated by Kansai Wire Netting Co., Ltd(Japan) and JUN-EN Enterprise Corporation (Taiwan). As a professional belting manufacturer, KTK inherits and develops mother company's business philosophy: Positive working attitude, Steady and timely service, To be the best supplier in globe belting industry. With nearly 100 years developing history, Kansai group has sales or manufacturing operations in Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore锛孉ustralia and USA. Kansai group is part of Nippon Filcon, which is listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. Company Vision What company you want it to be in 2028? What will be company vision? Vision is not necessarily to change. Be the No.1 of industrial wire mesh business in China. And build a century-old brand in China. Advanced quality; Advanced technology; Advanced service; Advanced sales scale. Company Value Customer first: always take the customer demands in mind and provide professional advice and services. Implement full marketing: have the spirit of teamwork and share everything, dare to meet new challenges. Every department is the indispensable and perfect executive for sales. Dedication and profession: to accomplish professional work with a dedicated attitude, study new fields, break through technical bottlenecks and make self-improvement. Be honest and trustworthy company. Cost is the priority: do the biggest thing at the smallest cost so that to meet continuing demands of customers. Nippon Filcon Group Vision Over the next 100 years, the group's companies will continue to provide the products and services needed by the society, as they did in the past 100 years. Nippon Filcon Group Code of Conduct: We shall perform daily activities in conformity with every item in following code of conduct. We shall maintain and improve transparent and equitable relationships with all stake holders including stock holders, customers, business partners and local residents. We shall respect for basic human rights and never impair dignity of individual and never discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, belief, age, sex, social position, and disability claims. We shall comply with laws and company regulations in our business activities and never be offensive to social justice, public order and morals. We shall never provide favors to anti-social organization. Furthermore, we shall eliminate any and all relationships with such organization which would pose a threat to order and safety of civil society. We shall store, manage and release corporate information appropriately and never get involved in wrong doing such as insider trading. We shall properly maintain confidentiality of information that belongs to company secret and personal information. Even after retirement, we never leak such information outside the company not to speak of our tenure in office. We shall not make use of our advantageous position in business to impose unreasonable demand on a business partner leaving it at a one-sided disadvantage. And we shall refrain from having excessive entertainment or gift-giving that is beyond social convention. We recognize that safety, disaster prevention, and environment conservation are above everything else in our business activity so we are actively involved in global environment conservation and preservation. We shall maintain close correlation and collaboration with local community and make efforts to contribute to that region. In respect of matters other than those in this case, we shall make appropriate decisions and act under the “Basic philosophy" and "Social mission". Our Product Balanced Belt, Compound Balanced Belt, One Direction Belt, Chain Belt, Flat Wire Belt, Ladder Belt, Curve Conveyor Belt, Special Process Belt, Plywood veneer Dryer Belt. Freezing Food Machinery, Canned Food Machinery, Sea Food Machinery, Continuous Baking Machinery, Heat Treatment Machinery, Glass Machinery, Chemical Machinery, General Purpose Conveyors, Special Conveyors. Our Service Pre-sale: We have nearly 100 years of experience in the wire mesh belt and system. According to the demand of equipment, we have a precise and scientific design for the selection of mesh belt. We can provide customers with the correct quantitative data and the overall solution of mesh belt. After sale: In the operation and normal maintenance of mesh belt, we can provide customers with a wide range of reliable basis and advice. President's Message: Since the establishment of KANSAI WIRE NETTING in 1935, we continue to pursue new objectives to develop, from all of our factories, specialized industrial wire mesh products to meet the demanding needs of our customers as these change over time. One of our most notable achievements was to have commenced a research and development program for stainless steel wire mesh as early as 1938.The program focused on products with high corrosion resistance in only a short time after stainless steel wire was commercially available in Japan. We were also able to develop and manufacture, in Japan in the late 1940s, high quality stainless steel conveyor belts based on product information obtained from the United States. We are proud that, through our achievements, we have made a considerable contribution to the growth of the Japanese industry in which we are represented; and, we continue to innovate. In this way, we have developed many products such as the noteworthy excellent anti-vibration stainless steel mount, filter inflator for automotive airbag systems and magnetic stainless steel KMG mesh using our unique technology. Today, we have grown into a forward looking world class manufacturing company in the stainless steel wire mesh industry as a significant member in a field of over 2,530 similar companies. In response to the growth of our global business, we established sales offices in the United States and Singapore. In addition, we established manufacturing facilities in Thailand and China. Industrial woven wire mesh and wire conveyor belts are the main products produced in Thailand and from China production is focused on wire conveyor belts. These products are supplied to the Southeast Asia and China markets from each facility. The Termimesh System is a stainless steel mesh based solution for the protection of buildings from subterranean termites and this is supplied to world markets from the Australian subsidiary. As an industrial wire mesh manufacturing arm of the Nippon Filcon group, we will ensure to meet our new challenges by responding to each customer requirement with the Timely, Correctly and Honestly commitment we are renowned for. With our customer relationships, we aspire to be a leading company of industrial wire mesh in Asia.Compound Balanced Mesh Belt with Chain manufacturers website: