Pet Cemetery _ Stephen King

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Louis suddenly remembered what Ally had said to him, and God called out, "Lazarus, come out." Because if he didn't call Lazarus by his name, everyone in the graveyard would be back from the dead. At the other end of the pile of dead wood, those voices rang out again. At the other end of the barrier, in the wind, these sounds are almost inaudible. It was as if an ancient intuition had crept up on him. Louis had a terrible vision in his mind: a huge mole or a huge bat was beating its way through the bushes. Louis walked backwards out of the pet cemetery, not daring to turn his back to the pile of dead wood. The ghost-like vague feeling was like a blue scar in the dark night. It was not until Louis had gone down the path that he turned and ran through the trees into the field behind his house. Then he felt that he could not run any more. Louis threw his manuscript and shovel into the garage and stood for a moment at the entrance to the driveway, looking first at his way back and then up at the sky. It's a quarter past four in the morning. He thought that the dawn was coming soon, and that the sun might have risen a little in the Atlantic Ocean, but that it was still night in Ludlow, and that the wind was blowing. Louis walked into the house, walked along the garage wall to the back door and opened it. He left the light on, walked past the kitchen, and went to a small bathroom between the kitchen and the dining room. Here he turned on the light, and the first thing he saw was Churchill. He was curled up on the toilet seat, staring at Louis with his blurred yellow-green eyes. "Churchill,High Density Storage Drive In Rack," said Louis, "I thought someone had let you out." Chuggy just leaned over the toilet seat and watched him. Yes, someone let the kitten out. It was Louis himself who let it out, and he remembered it very well, just as he remembered the time he had changed the glass window in the basement and said to himself that it was all right, the problem was solved, and Churchill would not come in again,medium duty racking, but who was he kidding? When Churchill wants to come in, he can. Because Churchill is different now. It doesn't matter. After this boring, exhausting work, nothing mattered, and he felt a little less than human, perhaps one of George's silly movie zombies, perhaps one of the spirits in Eliot's poems. I'm supposed to have a pair of claws, and I'm supposed to run through the marshes of the little gods, and then climb up to Mick Mike's graveyard. Louis thought and let out a dry laugh. "That's me," Louis said hoarsely as he unbuttoned his shirt. "You'd better believe it, Churchill, a useless thing." When he took off his shirt, he saw a large bruise on the left side of his body, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,radio shuttle racking, on the left upper rib, and when he took off his trousers, he found that the knee that had hit the tombstone was swollen like a balloon and had turned black and purple. He thought that if he didn't move his knees, his joints would become stiff and his legs would not bend, like cement. It seems that this will be an illness that will trouble him when it rains on cloudy days in his life. Louis reached out to stroke Churchill for some comfort, but the kitten jumped off the toilet seat and staggered away, somewhere. Before she left, the kitten looked at Louis with her yellow-green eyes. There was an ointment for injuries in the medicine cabinet. Louis took it out, sat on the toilet lid, smeared some on his broken knee, and then smeared some on his back. It's hard to reach your back. He left the toilet, went to the living room, turned on the hall light, stood at the bottom of the stairs for a moment, and looked around the room stupidly. How strange everything looks! This is where he gave his wife the sapphire necklace on Christmas Eve. The necklace was always in his pajama pocket, where he sat in his chair, explaining the fact of death to his daughter after Norma died. These facts eventually led him to discover that even he would not accept them. The Christmas tree was still in the corner, and Ally's homemade paper turkey, taped to the window, reminded Louis of some kind of future crow. Earlier, the house had been empty except for the boxes and crates filled with their belongings; he remembered that when they had first moved from the Midwest, they had seemed unimportant, like a small fortress between his family and the outside world. How strange it all seems.. He wished he had never heard of the University of Maine, or Lutheran House, or known Chad and Norma, or anything. Louis went upstairs and stepped on the stool in the toilet and took out his little black bag from the medicine cabinet on the top. He took his bag into the master bedroom, sat down, and began to fumble in it. Yes, there's a syringe in the bag just in case, there's medical tape and scissors, and there are several lethal doses. If necessary. Louis closed the bag and put it beside the bed. He turned off the light over his head and lay on the bed with his hands under his head. It is very comfortable to lie on the bed and rest on the back. His mind went back to Disney World. He saw that he was wearing a white uniform and driving a white caravan with a sign like curly ears on it. Of course, the appearance could not make people feel that it was an ambulance and could not scare away the tourists who paid for the tour. Gage sat beside him, tanned and with a healthy glow in his eyes. Here, just to his left, was the ridiculous Weirdo Guffey, shaking hands with a little boy who looked dazed. Here is Winnie with two grannies in dresses. Another granny is taking their picture. There was a little girl in her best dress shouting, "I love you, Digger!"! I love you, Digger! Louis was touring with his son, who was on guard duty in this magical land, and they drove endlessly around in a white caravan, which was covered with flashlights. They're not looking for trouble,asrs warehouse, they won't, but if trouble arises, they're ready to deal with it.