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The Dragon Monk said, "The first part of the palm method is the use of the way of strength, and the second part is the method of movement.

The Dragon Monk said, "The first part of the palm method is the use of the way of strength, and the second part is the method of movement. If you can grasp the change of the way of strength, you have achieved great success.". Your Lan Jie is limited by her constitution, so she can only grasp the ingenious changes of her moves, which only belong to Xiaocheng. "" Brother Wei, "said Gongsun Lan with a smile," I can't keep up with you in martial arts any more. "That's not necessarily true," said the Dragon Monk. "As the saying goes, softness can overcome hardness. If you practice extremely complicated moves, you can also be invincible in the world." "What's the best martial art?" Asked Gongsun Lan. The Dragon Monk said, "It would be best if one person could practice the combination of hardness and softness. But the ability of one person is limited. It is impossible that both hardness and softness can reach the top." Gongsun Lan said, "One of them is strong and the other is soft. If they reach the top and combine their strength, what should they do?" The Dragon Monk said solemnly, "If you combine the strength of these two men, you will be invincible in the world." "What's carved on the altar, old-timer?" Ruan Wei asked suddenly. "Can you read it?" The Dragon Monk asked uneasily. Ruan Wei shook his head and said, "The younger generation can't read a word!" The Dragon Monk breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's just an ancient scripture." "What is written in the ancient scriptures?" Asked Gongsun Lan. "Forgive me,Nail machine manufacturer," sighed the Dragon Monk, "but I can't." "Who is Ma Ching-le?" Asked Ruan Wei. "He is the master who carved this scripture," said the Dragon Monk. GongSunLan curiosity big way: "Why did you build a temple of Maqingle in this Jedi?" The Dragon Monk pointed to the futon in the hall: "Sit down, you two!" After the three were born, the dragon monk said: "It's a long story, not a long one." Dragon monk slightly after a while, then way: "It happened five hundred years ago. It was recorded in the history of Tianzhu, but it has been lost in the Central Plains. No one knows about it. Ten years ago,Automatic Nail Making Machine, my younger martial brother and I accidentally found this historical record and found it here." The book says that there are twelve villains in China, harassing the Tang Dynasty. "In ancient times, foreign countries said that China was the Tang Dynasty, not in the Tang Dynasty." There is no enemy for doing evil. In a certain year, the Twelve Evil Men heard that there was an extraordinary sutra in Tianzhu, which could lead to longevity. They wanted to rob Tianzhu, but Tianzhu heard about it, and the whole country was in a panic. It turned out that the extraordinary sutra was deposited on the top floor of the Tianlong Temple, the first temple in Tianzhu. The people of Tianzhu all believed that the sutra could suppress the scourge of Tianzhu, and that the loss of the sutra would bring disaster. At that time, there were very few monks in Tianlong Temple who knew martial arts. It was impossible to protect the extraordinary sutra from being taken away by the twelve evil people in the Middle Earth. At that time, there was a sage named Ma Qingle in Tianzhu. The king of Tianzhu asked Ma Qingle to protect the Sutra of Tianlong Temple. The people of the whole country cheered. Xian thought that as long as Ma Qingle guarded it, no one could take it away. Knowing that Ma Qingle had not yet gone to the Tianlong Temple to protect the scriptures, Nail machine supplier ,iron nail machine, the twelve villains of the Middle Earth raided the Tianlong Temple with lightning speed and seized the ancient scriptures. When the people of Tianzhu learned about it, they were like mourners, and the whole country was shrouded in gloom. Ma Qingle wanted to mend the fold after a sheep was lost, so he sent his most powerful disciple, Xana, to track him down. Ksana was the first disciple of Ma Qingle. His whole body was better than his master. When he caught up with him, he caught up with the twelve villains. But he could not intercept the Central Plains master whose martial arts were almost the same as his. That is to say, the ancient scriptures were written in the most ancient Tianzhu language. As soon as the twelve wicked men wanted to take the ancient scriptures, if they could not translate them into Chinese, they would be like waste, so they wanted to force Xanar to translate the scriptures. Xanar agreed to translate them, but only if the twelve of them were better than him in martial arts. The twelve villains did not know the power of Xana and agreed in unison. Xana proposed a method of competition, that is, to build a golden temple on the peak. He built it by himself, but only one of them carved a Buddha statue as the standard of the competition. When the Twelve Evil Men heard of this method of competition, they thought that if they had all they had, they would be straight. They did not consider agreeing to come down. A deep valley at the foot of Kukushli Mountain was rich in gold and stone, which was inexhaustible. Ksana built the Golden Temple in a year, but none of the Twelve Evil Men completed the Buddha statue. They did not know that Xana had been a craftsman since childhood, and that he was good at building temples and carving, so he won easily and carved another golden statue of his teacher Ma Qingle. "The twelve villains had nothing to say when they lost, and they were very depressed. Xanar proposed another method of competition. As long as the twelve of them created a set of palms to defeat him, he still promised to translate the scriptures for them. The twelve villains had already lost, but unexpectedly he proposed another method of competition to give the twelve of them another chance." At that time, the twelve people had argued with each other about the preservation of the ancient scriptures. Xanar came up with a method to carve the ancient scriptures on the altar. The twelve people could monitor them, but they were not afraid that anyone would steal them. After Xanar carved them, he destroyed the original ancient scriptures in front of the twelve people. He said that as long as he could defeat him, he would translate the ancient scripture on the altar into Chinese. The twelve villains already knew that Xana's martial arts were better than their own. At that moment, each of the twelve people built a living room behind the Golden Temple, painstakingly studying the mystery of the palm, in order to defeat Xana with the intelligence of the twelve people. As a matter of fact, Xana didn't really destroy the original ancient scriptures by stealing the sky and changing the sun. He just secretly brought the ancient scriptures back to Tianzhu and returned them to Tianlong Temple while twelve people were studying the palm method. In order to protect the national treasure of Tianzhu forever, he suggested to the sage Ma Qingle that his master should step up training the monks of Tianlong Temple in martial arts. If he trained hundreds of Xana, he would no longer be afraid of losing the ancient scriptures. The next day he rushed back to the peak to deal with the twelve villains, lest the monks of Tianlong Temple failed in their martial arts and the twelve villains learned that the ancient scriptures had not been destroyed, and they would inevitably be robbed by them again. After that, Xana returned to Tianzhu without seeing him again, and the twelve villains in the Middle Earth never appeared again. The world knows that they will lose both sides. When Xana returned from the pilgrimage, he wrote about the building of the temple, which was recorded in the history of Tianzhu. He thought that later generations could not find this golden temple, so it was forgotten by the world. When my younger martial brother learned about this, his heart did not die. It took him several years to find this temple. "The weather here is cold all the year round," said Gongsun Lan. "Even after five hundred years, the body has not been corrupted. Why is there no trace of the thirteen of them?" The dragon monk nodded and said with a smile: "When Younger Martial Brother and I found this temple,Iron Nail Making Machine, we also thought of this point. We saw that there were many puzzling things in this temple. Only by finding the bodies of the thirteen people of Xana, can we understand the truth." Ruan Wei was very interested and said, "Have you ever found Xanar?" The Dragon Monk stood up and said. You two come with me. 。