Water-cooled Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

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Water-cooled Single Cylinder Diesel EngineWater-cooled Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

Water-cooled Single Cylinder Diesel Engine The fuel injector, also known as the fuel nozzle assembly or fuel injector assembly, is an important part of the diesel engine fuel supply system. It can convert high-pressure fuel from a liquid state into an atomized state (very small diesel oil droplets) and inject it into the cylinder at the same time. The air is mixed to achieve the goal of full combustion. The core component of the fuel injector is the nozzle lotus, which is composed of a nozzle and a nozzle thimble. The nozzle lotus root parts are made of high-speed steel with excellent thermal stability, and the processing accuracy is relatively high. Generally, it can be divided into single-hole and multi-hole injection. Single-hole means that there is only one hole injecting fuel in one direction. Long-short means that multiple holes inject fuel at different angles in multiple directions. Single holes are used for vortex type diesel engines, and multiple holes are used for direct injection diesel engines. When the injector is sprayed with empty carbon deposits or poor performance, it will cause the diesel engine to start difficult, emit black smoke, lack of power, and waste fuel. You can choose to clean the nozzle or replace the nozzle lotus or nozzle assembly according to the actual situation. The diesel fuel injection system atomizes the fuel and distributes it to the components that mix with air in the combustion chamber. It is mainly composed of a fuel injector and a fuel injector body, and its installation position and angle on the cylinder head depend on the design of the combustion chamber. The ordinary diesel engine is driven by the engine camshaft, and the diesel is delivered to the fuel chamber of each cylinder by means of a high-pressure oil pump. This kind of fuel supply mode changes with the engine speed, and cannot achieve the best fuel supply at various speeds. Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines have lower fuel consumption (30% lower than gasoline engines on average), and lower diesel prices, so fuel economy is better; at the same time, diesel engines generally have lower speeds than gasoline engines and have a larger torque than gasoline engines. However, its quality is large, it is noisy at work, its manufacturing and maintenance costs are high, and its emissions are also worse than gasoline engines. But with the development of modern technology, these shortcomings of diesel engines are gradually being overcome.Water-cooled Single Cylinder Diesel Engine website:http://www.yey-businesses.com/diesel-engine/water-cooled-single-cylinder-diesel-engine/