Fayuan Temple in Beijing

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Then he put on his official hat, straightened up, and walked out with his chest out. Officials on both sides hurriedly made way for him and escorted him to the carriage.

Then he put on his official hat, straightened up, and walked out with his chest out. Officials on both sides hurriedly made way for him and escorted him to the carriage. The carriage stopped at the Ministry of Punishment, and the Lord was rushed into the Ministry of Punishment. The officer on duty of the Ministry of Punishment took out the custody book, asked him his identity and asked him to sign in, and his "arrogance" was revealed again. Without saying a word, he picked up a writing brush and wrote three big characters on it- "Tan Sitong". He was taken to the first cell in the south wing of the prison of the Ministry of Punishment, the first prison cell. The bed, table and chair in the room were dark, dirty and simple, which formed a very incongruous contrast with the elegant and gorgeous upper court clothes he wore, the court clothes. He first felt the contrast, he laughed, and he blurted out Gong Ding's poem: Chaoyi Dongshi Ganruyi, The jade body must be cherished by the beauty. When he finished, he laughed even more happily. He thought of the ministers of the Han Dynasty two thousand years ago, planning for the long-term future of the country. However, once the day is unpredictable, even as a minister, also can not say, go home is not allowed, wearing court clothes will be beheaded in the east city. Gong Ding, the most talented poet of the Qing Dynasty, wrote the poem "Walking with Louis", saying that those who seek the country die for the country are happy to die, but when they think that they can no longer be good with the beauty Yan,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, they are not without pity! In fact, this is life, you can not all choose all, you have to take, do not take, do not take should be calm to face the loss, the loss is a pity. He remembered his farewell letter: "…" Life after life, living together with the lotus, such as Bijialing Pijia,nail manufacturing machine, the same life bird, flying wing to wing.. Although there is hope for the next life, it is a fact in front of us that his life is uncertain. He has no regrets about seeking benevolence and getting benevolence. However, on the side of the "same fate bird", he unilaterally decided the separation of life and death for her. As a person with lofty ideals and benevolence, from the standpoint of the ego, it is hard to escape the ridicule of "selfishness", right? He sat on the bed, thinking about everything, and his mind was a little confused. Fortunately, the confusion soon disappeared, and this is life. Although there are all kinds of people in the world, they can only be one kind of person-they can only choose to be one kind of person, and at the same time they have to refuse to be many other kinds of people, although there are also interesting and attractive elements. I can't be a martyr and a longevity star, a reformer and a hermit, a fairy and a bull's head and horse's face, and I can't devote myself to the country and my wife. I am faced with two aspects, Nail Making Machine price ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, one is to choose what to do, the other is to refuse what not to do, and then further to the choice, to look forward, to refuse, cut back. Admit that life must choose and admit that life is so short, you will learn to admit that for those who lose the election, you don't have to spend your life to show affection and contradiction. Life is so short that all of it is not enough to deal with what you choose; all of it is not enough to be the only person you can be. If you divide part of your life to others, whether in the past, in the present or in the future, you will waste your life and affect the role you have chosen. But today, when people are here, it is different. Seeing that there is no future, today's life has no way to waste, today is full of blank and leisure, today is a holiday, is the beginning of an eternal holiday, really strange, such a beginning, he first thought of his wife in Liuyang hometown, lonely and helpless, married for 15 years, only gave birth to a little boy, but also died, he felt guilty about her. He thought about how she would face the misery and the long night after the news of his death reached his hometown and his spiritual luck reached his hometown, and he couldn't think about it any more. He also thought of his father, for many years, because of the abuse of his stepmother, which led to his disagreement with his father, until the last few years, when he grew up, the situation improved. His father was the governor of Hubei and a feudal official, but he did not want to involve his father, so yesterday morning, he burned some letters of his father's sponsorship, fabricated some letters of his father's reprimand, and used vivid calligraphy to express his father's fierce opposition to his son's reform activities, and declared that he would break off father-son relations with his son. Thinking of this, he showed a sly smile- "These false letters, in the search of the guild hall, must be searched by them, they must be deceived, the father can get away".. Verse 56 Far and wide So far and wide thinking, thinking, it is nearly noon. From outside the passage, the warder pushed the lunch in from under the railing, with only a simple steamed bread and a bowl of vegetable soup. The warder had a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks, looked like a little man, and put on a sacred and inviolable face, staring at Tan Sitong. Then he looked around, suddenly reached into his coat, quickly threw a bag of things into the cell, and threw it at Tan Sitong's feet. Then he motioned with his eyes and whispered, "It's for you." Then he shouted ferociously, "Finished, throw out the soup bowl!" He turned around and walked away. Tan Sitong alertly picked up the small bag, retreated to the corner,Coil Nail Making Machine, turned his back to it, and opened it. It turned out to be a bag of sauce beef, accompanied by more than ten red peppers that Hunan people like to eat. He understood at once: "There are good people here who are thinking of me." He felt a little warmth in his solitude. 3shardware.com