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See the first of the other five veins, led by Cang Song, Tian Yi and other people's eyes almost at the same time fell on Lin Jingyu's body, slip around, refused to leave, but no one to pay attention to the side of Zhang Xiaofan.

See the first of the other five veins, led by Cang Song, Tian Yi and other people's eyes almost at the same time fell on Lin Jingyu's body, slip around, refused to leave, but no one to pay attention to the side of Zhang Xiaofan. To cultivate the true way, aptitude is extremely important. There is often a saying in the world that the enlightenment of genius is better than a hundred years of practice. And the people of Qingyun Gate have a deep understanding of this. When Qingyun Gate was at the end of the road, it only relied on a brilliant and talented Qingye Patriarch. Although he was young, he had great talent. He read the ancient scrolls of his predecessors and practiced far better than his ancestors. He made a small Qingyun Gate full of vitality and prosperity, and now he is the leader of the world's right path. In addition, although it is hard to find a famous teacher, it is also rare to find a disciple with excellent aptitude. Lin Jingyu is gifted and has excellent roots and bones. He naturally took a fancy to the first one of Qingyun Gate. After being quiet for a while, Tian Yi coughed and said, "Hey, Elder Martial Brother Headmaster, you know that Dazhufeng has always been thin. I'll solve one for you this time." Then he was about to point his hand at Lin Jingyu, but Shang Zhengliang, the first member of the "Chaoyang Peak" beside him, got up first and stood in front of him. He said to Daoxuan Zhenren, "Elder Martial Brother Headmaster, as soon as I saw this child today, I felt that I was very congenial to him. I thought I had a predestined relationship with him. Why don't you let him go under my door?" Qingyun Gate has a long history, and all the veins are friendly on the surface, but they all have the meaning of competing with each other inside. Seeing that Lin Jingyu has excellent aptitude, no one can say whether he will be the next Aoba Patriarch. Besides, the worst income is only a number of disciples,DIN screw plug, but it will not give other veins a chance. Originally, with the prestige of Dao Xuan Zhenren, no one dared to fight for it, but Dao Xuan himself said that he would not accept it. Where could such a good thing be missed? As soon as Shang Zhengliang's voice fell, the first Tianyun Taoist of "Luoxia Peak" said to one side, "Elder Martial Brother Shang, you already have two hundred disciples. If all of them have a predestined relationship with you, your fate is too much." Shang Zhengliang blushed and was about to speak when Tian Yi said first, "Elder Martial Brother Tianyun is right. When it comes to the number of disciples,alloy die casting, you have at least a hundred, but I have only seven in Dazhufeng. It's too bad.". Not as good as But the Cangsong Taoist interrupted him, saying, "Younger Martial Brother Tian, these two children have such a pitiful life experience. What we want to give them is the best care, not the number of our own people." With that, he turned his hand to Daoxuan Zhenren and said, "Elder Martial Brother Headmaster, this boy is really a good material. Please let me take him under my door. I will teach him carefully and make him become a useful person, so as to comfort all the souls of the dead in Caomiao Village." Dao Xuan Zhenren hesitated for a moment. Tian Yi, Shang Zhengliang, and others all cried out in their hearts that something was wrong. Sure enough, after a while, Dao Xuan Zhenren said, "What Younger Martial Brother Cang Song said is also reasonable. Then let him throw himself into your door." Cang Song smiled and said, "Thank you, Elder Martial Brother." People see in the eyes, they and Cangsong have been in the same door for a long time, Stainless steel foundry ,deep draw stamping, know that Cangsong usually unsmiling, today's smile is very happy in the heart, can not help but secretly angry. It was just that Daoxuan Zhenren spoke, and Cangsong's Longshou Peak was so strong that he had to swallow it. Dao Xuan paused for a moment and then said, "Then this other one.." Shang Zhengliang coughed and closed his eyes. Tian Yunyan looked at the ceiling of the main hall and suddenly noticed that the pattern there was particularly beautiful. Tian Yiyi laughed and suddenly felt sleepy and fell into a deep sleep. Tseng Shu-chang, the head of the "Wind Back Peak", which had been snatched away before he could get a word in, simply settled down, as if he had ignored the matter from the beginning. Only Cangsong Taoist, who had won a great victory, looked at the crowd coldly, but his eyes were all smiling. Dao Xuan Zhenren could not help but feel a little embarrassed, but what kind of person he was, naturally he would not say that you did not want this poor aptitude, but as soon as his mind moved, he immediately found a scapegoat. Younger Martial Brother Tian. Daoxuan Zhenren's smile looks so kind at the moment. Tian Yi's heart jumped. He was about to speak when Daoxuan Zhenren said, "Song Daren, your disciple, first discovered the matter of Caomiao Village. It seems that this child and you, Dazhufeng, are very predestined.". Hey, you'd better receive it under the door. ” Tian is not easy to be anxious, Zhang Xiaofan aptitude in general, a look will see out, received under the door is just a burden, he naturally does not like. He was about to tell the difference, but Dao Xuan was willing to give him a chance to speak. "Well, this is the end of the matter," he said. "You should also pay attention to investigating this matter. Do you understand?" Cang Song and others stood up together and said in chorus, "Yes." Dao Xuan Zhenren nodded, coughed a few times, did not look at Tian Yi's appearance, and walked quickly into the rear hall. After his figure disappeared in the hall, there was a sudden burst of laughter in the Yuqing Hall of Qingyun Gate. ※※※ Song Daren, a disciple of Dazhufeng, had been waiting outside the Yuqing Hall. It was not easy to wait for the teachers to come out and greet him. But when he saw Master Tian Yi holding Zhang Xiaofan in his arms, he was stunned and said, "Master, what's wrong?" As soon as Tian Yi saw it was him, he felt a burst of anger in his heart. "What?" He said angrily? Are you stupid? No! Why don't you take it? Song Daren hurriedly took over Zhang Xiaofan, who was still sleeping. Tian was not easy to get angry, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Shang Zhengliang, Tianyun, and others who were walking out at the same time. He was even more angry. He shouted to Song Daren, "Go quickly. What are you doing there?" With that, he ignored everything else. With a stroke of his right hand in the void, the red light flashed. A long red sword was raised by him, but he did not see how he moved. Then he floated to the sword and galloped away through the air. Song Daren couldn't figure it out for a moment, but at least he knew that he had a younger brother. He looked at Zhang Xiaofan in his bosom and couldn't help saying, "Younger Martial Brother, I don't know your name yet." Zhang Xiaofan, however, was still in a deep sleep, unaware of his own fate, and had unconsciously turned a big bend. www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM The sixth chapter is apprenticeship Zhang Xiaofan woke up leisurely, stunned for a long time, slowly sat up,die casting parts, the past like the tide, for a moment came to mind. It's like a nightmare! "You're awake, that's all right." A voice came from the door and a man came in. autoparts-dx.com