wholesale Silicone Tube Strip Light

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wholesale Silicone Tube Strip Light High quality silicone material without pollution, do not fade, odorless, also high temperature resistant soft silicone can be used in -40-80掳c with long-term lifetime. Soft silicone can be shaped at will, easily make various DIY shapes.

Product Specification
LEDs type 2216/2528RGBI/3535RGB/3838RGBI/2835/5050/5050RGB/5050RGBI/COB
LEDs Brand San'an/Epistar/customized
LEDs Qty 48leds/M, 60leds/M, 84leds/m, 96leds/M, 120leds/M, 168leds/M, 240leds/M, 300leds/M
Input Voltage DC12V/24V
Color Temperature 2700K/3000K/4000K/65000K
Emitting Color White/Warm white/RGB
Control Mode APP Control, Remote Control, Switch Control
IP Rate IP20, IP44, IP65, IP67
CRI Ra80; Ra90; Ra95
LED BINs 3, Step/5, Step, same BIN for each order
PCB material Single, sided/Double, sided coated pure copper
PCB Width 3/4/5/6/8/10/12mm/customized
PCB thickness 2Oz (front 35um, back 35um), 3Oz (front 35um, back 70um), 4Oz (front 35um, back105um)
Luminous efficiency 20, 200lm/w
Working Temperature -40~50鈩?
Beam angle 30掳, 360掳
Product detail
1.High temperature resistant adhesive.
2.Excellent electrical insulation properties and chemical stability.
3.Remains bright and gorgeous, showing good results.
4.Bright effect, uniform light emission and no stains.
5.Suitable for DIY neon lighting indoor and outdoor.

Application: Perfect decoration for girls bedroom, wedding ceremony, living room, balcony, romantic room, office room, children's room, restaurant, porch, pavilion, shelf, for parties, birthday parties

Our Factory: Xiamen SFR Plastics Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, which focusing on providing extrusion kit solutions of raw materials, molds, extrusion processes and structural design. WanGu Plastics Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2020, which specializes in RD and manufacturing of modified engineering plastics, such as PC, PC+ABS, ABS, PA, etc. HaiHuiYa (Xiamen) Lighting Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2022, which is an innovative enterprise integrating RD, production and sales of LED flexible strip lighting series.

Q1:Can silicone neon strip be cut?
A1:Yes, there are printed cutting marks on silicone neon strip, easy to cut.
Q2:How many meters can one continuous line run?
A2:24V, one outlet of one power supply could load about 20m.
12V, one outlet of one power supply could load about 10m.
If running too many meters, it will shorten the life of the LEDs and may damage the transformer.
Q3:What is the difference between milky white jacket and color jacket?
A3:The color under color jacket looks deeper (e.g. Red color jacket looks more Red)
The color under milky white jacket looks a little brighter.
Q4:What is the lumen of different colour?
A4:For instance, we use SMD2835 chip, 120 chip for 14*26mm silicone neon strip. Theoretically it's 10-12lm/w, actually about 8lm/w, lumen per meter = 8lm/w * 120 chip = 960 lumen/meter. But we test by machine, it's 310 lumen/meter for white/warm white. Please compare fairly with other suppliers, the theoretical or work data is not the same thing.
Q5:What do you think of voltage drop of 24vdc?
A5:Add voltage step is ok to do, then would look bright and naturally. wholesale Silicone Tube Strip Light
website:http://www.sfrlighting.com/led-strip-li ... rip-light/